Energy Saving Tips For Tech Companies

With energy bills rocketing in the past few years and no sign of this slowing down, there’s never been a better time for businesses to think about reducing energy costs. Although this affects industries across the globe, tech companies in particular might find it more difficult to cut their use of electricity and energy due to the devices and equipment used on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to cut costs is to reduce the amount of energy used in offices, warehouses or server rooms. Energy efficiency can also reduce a company’s carbon footprint, another huge aspect of business ethos in today’s society. There are a number of quick and easy ways to decrease costs without spending a fortune on advanced technology or machinery. 

Business Energy Saving Tips

Both large and small businesses are now taking extra steps to save energy, lower bills and make more eco-friendly choices. 

Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby: Many companies and tech offices in specific tend to leave their computers and devices on standby. This means the appliances aren’t fully switched off and use energy even when not in use. Although this is easy to do and a habit many employees get themselves into, switching equipment off at the main plug will save unnecessary costs. The Energy Saving Trust found that the average UK home wastes £86 annually by leaving devices on standby. So imagine how much money is wasted in a server room or office with 50 PCs. 

Investing in energy-efficient equipment: The world is making a conscious effort to save energy and make more economical choices, meaning technology has developed alongside these targets to create energy-efficient equipment. Although this would mean spending money on new appliances, the long-term reduction would be worth it in terms of energy consumption and monthly savings. These features could include censored lighting and high-grade accessories. 

Office insulation: If a building or office is well insulated, this means it’ll stay warm during the winter and cooler through the summer. For tech companies, the aspect of insulation is a huge part of equipment health and keeping softwares running smoothly. General office spaces and computer areas need to be kept at certain temperatures and certain conditions to avoid any damage or overheating. Office Air Conditioning can help to keep equipment fully functioning whilst also coming with modern features to save energy. This could include being on an automatic timer or clock system. 

Switch energy supplier: This tip might seem obvious, but so many businesses and the general public tend to stick with their energy supplier for ease and simplicity. If you’re not happy with how much you’re paying, checking out alternatives would be the first port of call. This could also come with the use of a smart meter or thermostat which certain suppliers offer. A smart meter can help to keep an eye on daily energy use whilst a thermostat can set a certain room temperature so heating or air conditioning isn’t being used when it doesn’t need to be. 

Energy Management Software Options

Energy management softwares offer insight into where you’re spending money and where the most energy is being used within a workplace. Used mostly by large companies, you can identify inefficiencies to help target certain areas. With certain softwares, you can also set alarms, receive spending updates, and see improvements to automation and security. This saves money in regards to buying multiple services whilst also keeping you on to date on daily spending. 

Author Details: Lee Jackson, Managing Director, Lee Jackson Air Conditioning