5 reasons ethical consumerism is booming

Its happening, ethical consumerism is going mainstream! It’s exciting that the ethical mindset is become more widely-recognised and accepted. It’s becoming more widely available, making ethical purchasing choices easier than ever and allowing ethical startups to thrive. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Certification

The Fairtrade Foundation reported earlier this year that “ethical shopping is increasing” with 77% people in the UK now say they care about Fairtrade. Growing awareness is giving a boosting the ethical industry, more and more people are beginning to search for certification on their products. For organic products, we’ve got the Soil Association; beauty is covered by the Real Beauty Manifesto; and everyone knows the Leaping Bunny symbolises cruelty-free processes.

2. future focused Gen Y

Gen Y is championing ethical brands, with studies saying up to “84% believe it is [their] duty to change the world”.  This idealism and changes in business such as online brand presence, means that millennials are using their purchasing power to back ethical businesses.

3. The green vote

We all have a vote, we are voting both with the ethics we hold, and the way we spend our money too. Lucy Shea, CEO of change agency Futerra said at a recent Fairtrade Conference:  “Mindset is fundamental to creating change. Each time you shop it’s a vote to change the world the way you want, this, and the fashion industry will play an important role in making it happen. Let’s get to work!”

4. start-up online

There’s never been a better time to set up a start-up. Having a strong digital presence can be a real accelerator for ethical business. It enables founders to shout about unique selling points such as transparent sourcing.

5. We love people

With artificial intelligence (AI) changing almost every industry, more value than ever is being placed in the “personal connection”. With ethical businesses, transparency goes as far as getting to know the people involved, from HQ to the shop floor.