Start-up Feature: Feed me 2


Feed Me 2 is a home delivery food service which provides freshly prepared meals for Mothers at all stages, whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or have given birth! The food contains ingredients and nutrients essential to the needs of a mother’s body. Founder Lauren Dangoor has answered a coupe questions to give us an insight into her journey to launching Feed Me 2.

 How did the idea for Feed Me 2 come about?lauren-dangoor

I have been fortunate enough to grow up around a big family with lots of aunts, cousins, and grandparents wafting in and out of our house. The kitchen has always been a central place in our home, with the warm and love of our family emanating out from here. I have admired the women in my life fiercely. I observed from an early age the often-stressful time that mothers-to-be and new mothers had adjusting to their new role. I then thought about how curating healthy and nutritious would relieve some of this stress and allow mothers to relax even in the smallest way.

What is your favourite feed Me 2 meals?

My favourite is definitely the Lemon and Rosemary Chicken and the Apple Crumble Pot!
Lemon-and-Rosemary-Chicken apple-and-berry-oat-crumble-pot

What inspires you meals?

My family history lies in the Middle East and Mediterranean so I grew up eating food bursting with flavour. I definitely think this has led me to a develop and taste for food that is rich in herbs, spices and amazing ingredients. I keep it in mind whenever I am curating a new dish

How do you develop your meals?

I sit with my nutrition book and think about all the ingredients that are beneficial. I then take them to be culinary drawing board and experiment cooking them in different styles and with different accompanying flavours!

Where do you see Feed Me 2 going?

My aim for 2017 is to see our order numbers increase, to keep our blog up and expanding to help to build a community surrounding our business and furthermore to make our website a really smooth and well organized user experience.