Meet Yves Frinault & Javed Singha, Co-founders at Fieldwire: A Construction Technology Company Powering over 1,000,000 Jobsites Worldwide


Tell us About the Business

Since the beginning of time, construction has been arguably the most important industry on earth. Shelter is critical to our very survival, and what we built is an expression of our culture and ourselves. As technology has advanced exponentially however, the $10 trillion construction industry has lagged, hamstrung by a resistance to adopt new technologies and an inability to implement them uniformly across projects in a way that works for everyone involved.

Recently, this resistance is eroding thanks to new tools and platforms that improve the bottom line for businesses while making the work day smoother and more productive for workers in the field and on the job site. Like most industries, construction technology has moved to a mobile-first approach in recent years, and this has been a boon for companies like Fieldwire that aim to improve efficiencies and productivity in a sector challenged to keep pace in both areas. Fieldwire’s purpose is to allow everyone involved in a construction project, from the back office to all the subcontractors on site, to access and share information in real time.

Fieldwire’s mobile-first solution makes it easy for construction crews to track, record, and share project updates, ensuring proactive responses to all things related to quality, safety, and scheduling. Users are typically project managers, engineers, and workers who focus on labor coordination to drive productivity.


How did it Come About?

We began considering how technology might better support the construction industry as far back as 2006, but at the time our ideas were still a bit early for an industry that has been glacially slow to embrace new technology. As the cloud became ubiquitous and mobile-first platforms seeped into every corner of our lives seemingly overnight, we decided to give our idea a real shot. In 2013 we created Fieldwire.

Pretty soon after launching, we found that we had interest not only from smaller companies, but from massive organisations looking to give their people the tools to be more efficient and productive, and of course to see better returns on construction projects. We built the product in a way that allowed a few people on a given project to use it, and as they saw productivity gains, they could share it across teams on a project. As the results bubbled up to the management level, implementing Fieldwire company-wide became a no-brainer. For most customers, Fieldwire has been an indispensable platform.

How has the Company Evolved During the Pandemic?

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Fieldwire has become even more vital, enabling a mobile and disparate workforce to maintain productivity and stay safely connected with teams and subcontractors across job sites and offices worldwide. In fact, many customers have remarked that it’s almost as if Fieldwire could have been purpose-built for a pandemic, as it allows teams to move forward on projects without missing a beat as the world has shut down around them. *Fieldwire has raised more than $40M from Menlo Ventures, Brick & Mortar Ventures, Hilti Group and Formation 8. The company has 150 employees, and is based in San Francisco with offices in Phoenix and Paris, France.