Flexible Career Could Change Your Life and Be Liberating

Promoting Freedom and Success

Formed by lawyers for lawyers, a new type of organisation has arisen in response to a long overdue need for reforms in the way the legal profession operate. With many lawyers and solicitors struggling to meet the corporate demands of an often outmoded and hierarchical work environment Passion for Law and others like it have created an innovative and agile new business model. This allows legal professionals to operate on a freelance basis whilst being backed up by state of the art technology and comprehensive support systems.

Flexibility and Integrity

Built on a foundation of excellence and integrity the novel organizational set-up allows legal professionals to work as a legal consultant with a remarkable degree of flexibility. This enables them to practise law on their own terms and conditions and concentrate on the nuts and bolts of their profession instead of the endless office grind and attempts to meet unrealistic targets.

As a freelancer, legal professionals can build up their own caseload, work the hours they choose and can aspire to be as ambitious or as flexible as suits them, leaving precious time for family and other commitments so that work does not rule every aspect of their lives.

Unparalelled Back Office Support

Although freelancers operate on their own terms they are not alone in their endeavours as they have access to a whole range of expertise and support to enable success. This includes transitional support to understand and access the package on offer, build their own fee structure and work directly with their clients, and whether that means working alone or building a team the model is flexible enough to accommodate a range of working patterns.

There is also invaluable access to online legal platforms, teamwork opportunities, a chance to network and liaise with other senior lawyers and legal professionals and an incentivised referral scheme.

Develop Your Practice

An induction programme is offered to allow a smooth start to your new practice, and this is just one of the many benefits of going freelance:

Guidance to becoming self-employed: this can be daunting for some, but a bespoke programme allows legal professionals guidance throughout the whole process and access to planning and tax advice; personal financial planning, IT support and PA/secretarial support.

Personal induction programme: this is an individual programme whereby you will be guided and supported in: systems administration; client file/transfer support; PR and marketing support; website guidance and remote IT systems support.

Doing Things Your Own Way

Having supported many lawyers to become self-employed you will be guaranteed a solid foundation on which to build your practice, with ongoing support and advice.

This enables legal professionals a firm infrastructure to link into but offers the winning combination of forming your business exactly how you want it but within a tried and tested framework. As well as transitional and induction support packages you will have support with:

Finances and billing: cashier support, credit control and finance management systems including finance tracking and invoicing.

PII and compliance: PI cover to protect your business and clients, assistance with compliance issues and additional mandatory training and CPD events to keep you up-to-date.

Marketing and secretarial support: this enables you to develop your brand, and by releasing certain secretarial and administrative functions you can concentrate on growing your business unhindered.

Office facilities: these are available in key locations including London, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds and can be used for meetings, hot-desking, networking and team events.

Join The Legal Revolution

For many who have lost their passion for law due to the strains and demands of working for an employer, this model has proven to be a life raft that has given them back control of their working lives, and in the process can re-ignite their interest in the profession.

Without office politics and rigid employment conditions you can start to enjoy your legal career again and who knows where this may lead to in the future!