The Future of SEO: Predicted Changes for 2024

SEO (search engine optimisation) is constantly evolving and ultimately the go-to tool in the world of digital marketing. It has the ability to refine and enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic to websites.

As 2024 is right around the corner, it is expected that there will be several SEO-related trends and updates; here are a few predictions you might want to keep your eye out for.

Currently in 2023 alone the SEO industry has evolved significantly, and changed the game completely with numerous trends.


AI & Machine Learning


AI is becoming the ultimate go-to place for delivering search engine results and better understanding user intent


Voice Search & Dictation


Content has now been optimised to answer to natural language and speech-to-text dictation


Mobile-First Indexing


Ensuring websites are mobile-friendly has become the norm as mobiles and tablets are more predominantly used.


Video SEO


 As TikTok and YouTube Shorts become more prominent, it’s important to optimise your video content for high ranking search queries.

Optimised Content Quality


Developing high-quality content is important as it addresses the user’s search queries better, alongside emphasising context and relevance in targeting keywords.


Predicted SEO Trends for 2024


Many experts have predicted that AI-SEO will dominate the industry even more in terms of analysing data, making strategy recommendations and optimising content. Furthermore, many trends from 2023 will continue over into the following year, which include factors such as:


Enhanced User Experience & Core Web Vitals


One of the fundamental SEO trends in 2024 that will change is how Google will organise websites that offer consistent and engaging content.

Advancing your site to adjust to various strategies can help support your rankings by utilising elements such as voice search and adapting to accessibility needs, which can be used in featured snippets and FAQ content.

Google continues to create and extend its Core Web Vitals, which covers page speed, interactivity, and visuals, which are important as they impact all crucial components in deciding a website’s positioning. Hence, it is fundamental that web designers and SEO experts frequently maintain and advance their websites to rank high.

Furthermore, partnering with an experienced SEO agency in London can make all the difference, as agencies can navigate technical SEO using their knowledge and expertise, ensuring your website remains competitive in the digital marketplace.

Content Quality and Relevance

Google will be monitoring more closely for high-quality, relevant and reputable written content so that users are presented with content that provides value and purpose. With the number of upcoming updates, keywords alone will not be enough, so it’s important to identify the long-tail keywords that align with the searcher’s intent and provide the correct answers to their search queries.

Mobile-First Indexing

While mobile-first indexing isn’t exactly a new concept, experts have predicted that in 2024, users will be more expected to use their mobiles and tablets to use search engines. As a result of this, Google has prioritised mobile-first indexing to increase the number of mobile users.

However, this does not mean that you don’t stop optimising for a desktop website; it just means your priorities need to change in order for the users to have a smoother experience using the device they are most likely to use. Focusing on mobile-influenced SEO trends can help maintain or even improve fundamental search rankings.

AI and Algorithms

As AI-driven algorithms and updates are happening more regularly. Search engines use artificial intelligence more regularly to improve search results, detect spam and understand users behaviour. This allows SEO experts to have more power to gain better insights and stay ahead of competitors and industry trends.

By implementing such changes, digital marketers and businesses will have the ability to maintain and improve their online visibility.

As we look ahead to 2024, it’s evident that the upcoming predictions will shape the future of SEO, and by staying informed about these anticipated changes in SEO for 2024 and actively implementing the right strategies, businesses can remain competitive, drive organic traffic, and secure their position in the digital realm.