How to Manage Employees Rotation More Easily


If you have to manage a large number of employees, working in a rotation, it can be very difficult. You have to handle their special requests, as well as their vacation time. However, technology is making it easier, thanks to an online rota management software. Here is how it can help HR managers do their job better.

Easy to Create and Share

Creating a schedule, for all the employees in rotation, is a hard task in itself. But, having all employees receiving it on time and making sure that no one will pretend that they have not seen it, is also quite difficult. When you use an online staff rota management with Papershift, getting it to your employees becomes child’s play. Since it is online, you can simply transfer it through all electronic means. It is also accessible on any devices (PC, smartphones and tablets). It can be adapted in real-time, so that employees can see the latest changes, when they access the rota, online.

Easy to Schedule Vacation Time

The advantage of using a software for employee’s rotation, is that it makes it easy to communicate between managers and employees. Through the app that comes along with the software, employees can send their requests for vacation time. Having that info inside the program, the manager simply has to make sure that there won’t be a hole in the schedule, before confirming with the employee that the days requested can be taken. For an HR manager, this kind of software is beneficial, as it enables him to see other data immediately, such as the numbers of vacation days off left, for each employee. It also makes the process of approval much faster.

Easy to Get an Overview of the Staff Situation

When you manage employees working hours through a software, you accumulate data that you can then use to get an overview of the situation, regarding employees. It makes it easy, as it creates reports by itself, available at all time. They can be in regards to how many sick leave hours per month are being taken, how many hours worked are there per shift type, or even how much is the staff costs per project. The managers can also conduct their own analyses, by crossing various data that have been accumulated inside the software.

In the end, managing employees schedule electronically simplifies greatly the process. First of all, because it centralises all the information. There is no longer need to go from one file to another, in order to comprehend the situation. You simply open the program and all is there. Secondly, it enables the exchange of information with anyone that needs to have access to it. Finally, it enables the manager to understand better the real situation regarding employees, inside his firm. That is because they can cross various informations about employees, in order to get a better view of the overall reality. With the possibility of joining the software to other ones inside the company and having an AI create links between them, it doesn’t only make management life easier, it makes it better.