How Do Virtual Addresses Work?

Real estate in London ranks among some of the most expensive in the world, which is not ideal if you’re looking for a mail address. With the aid of a virtual address London, operators can help you cope with this problem according to the Hoxton Mix. This also applies to all organisations regardless of size. This sounds like a great idea, and it is for several reasons.

While we’ll get into those reasons, it’s also important to know how these addresses work. The following will look into how a London virtual address service works, as well as other noteworthy information.


What Do These Addresses Refer To?


Addresses of this kind allow entities to work and handle their mail remotely via the use of an actual address as a surrogate. They are part of the trillions of dollars worth of global digitisation we are currently experiencing and are here to stay. The main goal of this address is as follows:

  • Receive mail, parcels, and packages
  • Comply with registration authorities if you are a limited company
  • Preserve or boost an organisation’s image and credibility

As stated above, having a virtual office address allows for the above, but the services are often accompanied by a lot more. Below is a list of other services that are provided if you buy a subscription from a provider:

  • Access to a physical meeting/conference room if necessary
  • Access to phone answering services
  • Access to virtual assistants and receptionists
  • The provision of domain-relayed services
  • Administrative aid
  • Storage of data via the cloud

Virtual addresses have existed for many years, but have taken off because of how COVID-19 affected the workplace and encouraged remote working. Since then, however, operations of varying sizes have realised just how beneficial such a service is. That they’ve gone fully remote or made a compromise with a hybrid model.


How Virtual Addresses Work


A number of platforms offer this service and choosing one requires you to seek out a legal and reputable provider that offers packages that meet your needs and budget. Once this virtual office address in London provider is found and an account is set up using their services will naturally follow. The address itself allows for remote access to mail and packages with some services having staff tasked specifically with sorting through it, with the following tasks being performed:

  • Possible digitisation of mail
  • Discarding mail
  • Picking up mail
  • Receiving checks
  • Limited physical storage of mail
  • Thorough destruction of mail

The handling of mail is only part of what you’ll receive, however, as the potential access to the other services is often there, provided you choose the right package. This just makes having a virtual address more attractive, as it’s more than just a glorified P.O. Box.

Virtual Addresses Vs PO Boxes


You may be wondering why not just use a P.O. Box for the exact thing, since they are similar. Well, that’s only true to the basic extent, which is that both can be used to receive mail and packages. It can’t, however, double as an office and is never seen as a real address, which means it can’t be used in company registration if that’s what you want. Summit up:

  • Mail and Package Reception: Both virtual addresses and P.O. Boxes serve the purpose of receiving mail and packages
  • Office Functionality: Virtual addresses can also double as a business location, providing more than just mail handling services, while P.O. Boxes are solely for mail reception
  • Real Address: Virtual addresses are often considered real addresses and can be used for various business purposes, including company registration, whereas P.O. Boxes are typically not seen as legitimate business addresses



As stated earlier London is an expensive city to fully rent out a work environment of any sort. However, its place in the world as a technological, financial, and cultural center makes having a workspace there highly attractive because of the accompanying prestige. With a virtual address, you get prestige, brand improvement, and recognition, all without paying rent.

This, as you can imagine is just one of the number of benefits having this service will give you. The others are as follows:

Cost Effectiveness

This is seen because less money is spent on the rent as well as standard office amenities such as utilities, fixtures, fittings, and extra equipment. This only applies to hybrid models, however, and if the environment is fully remote, there’s no need to spend on anything.

Employee Convenience

Because of the remote/ hybrid style of working that’s encouraged, employees have more flexibility to work around their daily lives. In addition to this, they too can save money as they don’t have to spend on transportation to the physical location. This simultaneously helps overall productivity because the time spent going to a location can be used to work.

The Added Features

One of the best attributes of the virtual address is that it comes with several additional features that can be of further use down the road. The ability to host meetings at a physical location, for example, is one of the most useful as it displays a high level of professionalism. This feature as well as those above are part of elaborate packages that allow entities to find the right fit and they should be taken advantage of.

Having gone through what these addresses are and how they work, they look fairly attractive. 

Many entities, whether they are individuals or large corporations, often utilise London virtual addresses for various purposes. With the right dealer, their chances of success improve because of the advantages they give you.

Emphasis must be put on finding the right people to serve your purposes because not every provider is made equal. This is why research and self-evaluation are a must on your part. You don’t want to overpay for a service that you don’t need or skip out on the perfect one. After all, it could be way cheaper in the long-run.