Lee Newton Interview – Tom, Dick and Harry’s Restaurant, Loughton


We spoke with Lee Newton, the founder of the latest fine dining restaurant in Essex: Tom, Dick and Harry’s. We wanted to find out more about the entrepreneur and his interests.

1) NAME…Lee Newton

2) HOME IS… (What area, who you live with, how long you have lived here)

I’m an Essex boy born and bred, but was brought up working the markets in the East End. I currently live in a farmhouse in Epping with my wife and two grown up children.

3) WORK IS… (what area and what you do; any charity or volunteering)

I run Media 10 in Loughton, a media and events business that employs 250 people, with offices all over the world. We work primarily in the design and architectural industries. We support a number of charities and have donated over £1m to various good causes including a number of armed forces’ charities. Currently, we are looking to give a young local would-be chef without opportunity and a young local musician the chance to become involved in our latest venture, Tom, Dick & Harry’s – this our new restaurant below our headquarters on Loughton High Street.

4) FAVOURITE PLACE TO SPEND A RELAXING SUNDAY… (park, restaurant, pub, theatre, cinema, health club, gym etc)

First choice by the sea as I find it is the best place to unwind. Whether it’s an al fresco fish lunch on the Cote D’Azur, a Spanish beachside chiringuito or good old fish and chips in the UK, that’s where I head come summer. In the winter, it’s got to be a proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Either way Sundays are about long leisurely lunches with friends and family, great quality food and good wines.

5) FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A SPECIAL MEAL… (where, why? – could be cheap, could be expensive, maybe you’ve got a few favourites. Favourite dish?)

Too many places to mention for a whole host of different occasions and reasons. However, I’ve got to say it’s now Tom, Dick and Harry’s. It’s a place that features all the things I love most about going out for a meal and I’ve been involved in every element, so it couldn’t be more special and close to my heart.


Brunch has always been enjoyed at home with family over the weekend but anywhere as long as it’s with friends! 

7) FAVOURITE PLACE FOR SOME RETAIL THERAPY… (where, why? favourite local shops)

For a proper weekend of retail therapy, it’s the boutiques of Bond Street and Selfridges combined with an overnight stay in a West End hotel. I also love food markets, from fresh food to street food ones, but Borough is a particular favourite.

8) FAVOURITE SPOT WHEN I’M FEELING ENERGETIC … (where, why? eg. a gym, a yoga class, favourite walk or cycle ride)

I love sailing and Cowes is where I like to be. I’d love to win the Regatta (again!).

9) FAVOURITE ROMANTIC SPOT… (where, why? eg. local cosy restaurant, scenic walk, spa, boutique hotel)

I’m not a particularly romantic person but if pushed, it would be quality time at home with my wife.

10) FAVOURITE LOCAL DISCOVERY… (could be a place, a view, a festival – ideally a hidden gem.)

Fishing for crayfish in the channel in Hertford, then cooking and eating them.


(cinema, museum, heritage centre, national trust, arts centre, theatre etc)

Doing what I do, design is a real passion so I tend to visit lots of design exhibitions and events. Clerkenwell Design Week is a real favourite and I try and visit every year – nothing beats checking out the multitude of design showrooms and the various exhibitions, finishing off with a beer in one of the local pubs.

12) FAVOURITE SPOT FOR A FAMILY DAY OUT… (where, why? eg. farm, theme park, museum, leisure centre, family-friendly restaurant)

That’s easy, anywhere there’s water, boats, good food and the lightest of rosé wines.

Lee Newton is the owner of Tom, Dick & Harry’s, 153 High Road, Loughton IG10 4LF –