Looking for Work? Amazon Hires Extra 100,000 Employees During Coronavirus

Internet giant Amazon has committed to hiring another 100,000 employees, ahead of the coronavirus outbreak. Designed to meet the growing demand for deliveries whilst people continue to self-isolate, Amazon have pledged an additional $350 million to pay for additional staff which includes a pay rise of $2 and £2 per hour for their fulfilment staff, currently earning $15 per hour.

The online retailer has come under fire in recent months for breaching employee work conditions, but is working hard to change its image. The company has also committed to paying compensation to staff members unable to work due to coronavirus or related family members.

The coronavirus has seen a number of industries hit hard due to forced closure and cancellations, including sporting events, casinos, hotels, restaurants, high street retailers and more.

For many temporarily unemployed, the opportunity to work at Amazon short term will be welcomed – provided that the staff members stay healthy and infection does not spread in their warehouses.