Revealed: Which subscription box services do Brits most desire?

  • Subscription boxes which contain snacks/sweets/chocolates (65%) appeal the most to British men
  • Contrastingly, British women have the greatest desire for subscription boxes offering grooming/beauty/make-up products (68%)
  • The primary reason for both men (30%) and women (27%) wanting to use a subscription box service is because they would like to treat themselves and/or try something new
  • Interestingly, 23% of men and 19% of women are drawn to subscription boxes as they like the concept of them

Subscription box services have significantly grown over the last few years. Highly convenient and often cost effective – subscription boxes enable consumers to receive desired product categories (e.g. food, clothing, make-up etc.) on a recurring schedule (typically a monthly delivery).

The growing prominence of subscription boxes in e-commerce is demonstrated by recent statistics from Royal Mail, who found that the subscription box market is set to reach an astonishing £1 billion by 2022.

Interested in fast-growing retail trends, surveyed 860 men and 860 women from across the UK (1,720 total), to discover the 10 product subscription box types each gender most desires. Additionally, identify their primary motivations for wanting to try a subscription box service.


The most popular subscription among men are those that provide snacks/sweets/chocolates (65%) whereas for women it is grooming/beauty/make-up (68%).

Subscription boxes which provide entertainment value to men did feature prominently in their preferences – gaming box (52%), music box (44%) and movie box (33%). On the other hand, women have a strong liking for food and drink subscription boxes – snacks/sweets/chocolates (54%), coffee/tea (42%), vegetables/fruits (36%), cheese (27%).

There were some surprising inclusions by both genders. In the case of men, meat/fish (29%) subscription box and women – cheese subscription box (27%).

British Men and Subscription Box Services

Subscription boxes which provide snacks/sweets/chocolates (65%)appeal the most to British men. Thereafter, 60% are enticed by subscription boxes which include grooming/beauty/shaving products.

Fascinatingly, 57% are willing to sign-up to a subscription box that has essential gym/health supplements – perfect for fitness conscious men. Whilst gaming ‘geek’/’loot’ boxes (e.g. that can include a combination of themed posters, badges, figures, clothing etc.) has ignited the interest of 52% of males.

Contrastingly, a subscription box which offers a regular supply of meat and/or fish, would be ideal for only 29% of men. Slightly higher, 33% wouldn’t mind joining a movie subscription box – allowing them to see the latest rental releases from the comfort of their sofa. found the primary reason most men consider joining a subscription box service is to explore something new and/or as a treat for themselves (30%).  Subsequently, 23% are drawn to subscription boxes, as they like the concept of them. Surprisingly, a mere 4% of men’s main motivation to sign-up to a subscription box is because they think it will save them time – principally removing the hassle of having to go in-store to buy what they need.

British Women and Subscription Box Services

A subscription box which supplies grooming/beauty/make-up products (68%), has the biggest lure for British women. 61% believe a subscription box which has sweet/savoury cooking recipes (and potentially the ingredients) will allow them to learn new and exciting dishes.

49% of females like a subscription box that provides book titles and/or magazines they are keen on reading. To get their caffeine kick and try a range of blends/flavours, 42% would use a coffee and/or tea subscription box service.

36% are happy to use a subscription box provider to get their nutritional fix of fruits and/or vegetables on a frequent schedule. To brighten up their day and home, 30% would use a subscription box service that delivers fresh plants and/or flowers.

Opposingly, just 23% of females are tempted by a subscription box that has items related to stationary/arts/craft. Just above, 27% would be satisfied with receiving a subscription box that contains different cheeses.

Focusing on the factors influencing women to join a subscription box service – women would mainly do so to try something new and/or to indulge themselves (27%). 21% are being swayed to experience a subscription box through positive recommendations from their family/friends/colleagues. 14% of females have been encouraged by the favourable reviews they have seen online.

Martin, the Managing Director of commented:

“With a ton of companies now in the market, the rise of subscription e-commerce has been nothing short of phenomenal. Packing respective products into a box and then, shipping them directly to customers on a recurring basis – it’s a retail model built on providing convenience. An essential commodity for consumers these days, given their busier and fast-paced lifestyles. This research certainly shows that Brits firmly understand the personal value and benefits subscription boxes can bring once joining. Though preferences in terms of what products men and women would use a subscription box service for does noticeably vary, with some very surprising findings between the genders”.