Numerical advantage: What telephone prefixes tell you about the business

When it comes to your business, you may want to think of ways that you can individualise it and make it stand out in comparison to its competition. You want your potential clientele to take notice of you. That’s why you should be considering adding a prefix to your business number. Adding a prefix to your business number can show that you are a professional company and that you stand out in comparison to the standard cold caller. Here is the explanation about what prefixes can tell your customers about your business.

You are in a specific location

Your customers tend to feel better using businesses that are located within their own local communities. That way they can feel safe and secure if they decide to use your services. After all, if you are from the same area, and have a distinct location, this makes you a real business!

Having a prefix in your number can signify a narrowed location and show that your business is from a specific area, such as a town or city. If you are worried about not having a prefix in your number, you may want to consider 0300 number. That way you can reach out to a wider clientele around the country. All 0333 phone numbers are available to buy from reputable sellers, such as Planet Numbers.

You may not be an international business

Whether or not you are an international business, having a prefix in your business number can show that you may not actually be a global brand. Instead, you may be a business that is set on focusing on its local clientele instead of spreading yourself too thinly – your customers will certainly appreciate this.


With a prefix in your phone number, you can show your clients that you are willing to stand out in comparison to competitors. Yes, you’ve shown that you’re happy to individualise your number to make it more memorable, including the use of repetitive numbers and patterns.

The easier the pattern is, the more likely that your customers will remember your number. Just don’t forget to also combine your prefixed number with a catchy jingle or marketing campaign. That way you can make sure that it is noticed by all prospective clientele.

Freephone Numbers

A fantastic asset of any sort of prefixed numbers (especially Prefix 080 numbers) is that they are actually freephone numbers. This means that they are completely free to call from a landline. Traditionally, premium charges were only made if calls were made from a mobile number. However, as of July 2015, OFCOM made all calls to 080 telephone numbers, including from mobiles free of charge. This can be a great advertising point to mention to your clients, as it means you can keep a customer helpline open to answer their questions and give them advice on working alongside your business.

Replacement Services

You are a company that has modernised with the times, especially if you use prefix 03. Instead of using old 084 and 087 number, you can use some of the most up-to-date prefixes to ensure that your clients don’t think you are using a non-geographical business number. This can make you appear more trustworthy, therefore making it more likely that your clients will want to do business with you.