The modern trends in the usage of SharePoint and Office 365 for companies for businesses

Recently Dmitry Leytner, CEO of VirtoSoftware, was interviewed about the significance of SharePoint and Office 365 for companies,  modern trends in use of these platforms and their prospects for the coming years. 

Q: What is Virtosoftware doing in general terms?

Dmitry: Well, VirtoSoftware is a team of professionals doing their best to create innovative SharePoint and Office 365 products and compiling it with modern technologies and customer-friendly service. Office 365 apps solve a lot of different enterprise-related challenges. However, their functionality is sometimes not enough to meet all your needs. The truth is, you’ll always need something special beyond the standard app list to have all of the functionality that you want. Fortunately, both SharePoint and Office 365 support third-party apps and web parts that make your experience much better and provide the required set of features.


Q: What kinds of problems can be solved using Virtosoftware products?

Dmitry: Our current lineup of apps and web parts includes collaboration, bulk, content management, workflow and administration capabilities for SharePoint users that could make a significant difference in your workplace. It is up to you to choose what SharePoint functionality gaps to fill, and we will provide you with the best solution according to your requirements.



Q: Who are your clients? What industries do they operate in?

Dmitry: Our client-base is incredibly diverse. SharePoint and Office 365 environments can be used within almost any company or organisation, regardless of its size  – from a global leader in multimedia content to a university, so there’s no shortage of different use cases for our products to work with.


Q: What do you think are the trends in SharePoint and Office 365 in 2020?

Dmitry: In my opinion, one of the obvious and very popular SharePoint trends nowadays is collaboration. For example, we currently observe a significant increase in Microsoft Teams adoption and use. This applies to both organisations that have not previously used the cloud, and to companies that continue to find different ways to leverage cloud solutions they have access to and adopt their workflows for them.


Q: How are these trends taken into account when updating or creating new Virtosoftware products? What factors, besides relevance, do you take into account?

Dmitry: Being aware of the current trends is definitely important nowadays. Companies that are out of step with the times would inevitably fail sooner or later. This is why we always follow current trends and try to provide up-to-date solutions. Of course, in addition to being relevant, we always take into account the feedback from our customers. For our company, the quality of service is a critical point, so the wishes of users are always taken into account and discussed when updating our products or creating the new ones.

In terms of “the Teams trend”, we have adapted 2 of our most popular Teams apps over the past months: Kanban Board and Virto Calendar application. Of course, there are a lot of other great MS Teams apps out there, and each of them is aiming to provide a case-specific feature for a specific use case. This way, you can always find what you need to meet your specific business needs.