Perkbox launches INSIGHTS


Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee engagement platform launches INSIGHTS – a simple, lightweight tool to measure and improve employee engagement

  • Perkbox is used by 6,850 companies including household names such as Nandos, Caffe Nero, Whole Foods and Wasabi

  • Perkbox Insights is a simple, lightweight tool that helps create a transparent feedback loop between HR, management and staff, to break down the silos and keep teams truly engaged

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London, 19th September 2018Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee engagement platform, is today announcing the launch of Perkbox Insights, a simple, lightweight tool to measure employee engagement, helping HR teams break down silos between management and staff. Designed to get to the bottom of what’s really happening in your business, it creates an environment in which everyone feels safe sharing information, employee sentiment can properly be measured and actionable insights can be shared to help solve problems before they turn into bigger issues.

Insights works on a simple premise, ‘the more questions you ask, the more you’ll be able to discover and improve’. Every week it automatically checks-in with your teams to ask them about their day at work, management and what can be improved. Instead of getting bogged down with the latest “fad” metrics, it cuts right to questions that matter through a complete library of engagement questions, based on the most up to date research undertaken in collaboration with HR specialists, behavioural psychologists and customers.

Insights’ technology has been developed by leveraging Perkbox’s unrivalled experience in the employee engagement space. In order to provide a comprehensive picture of performance, Insights technology does all the legwork for HR leaders and managers. It automatically spots and highlights team, individual and company trends – from performance to engagement and employee satisfaction, so that they can solve problems before they become bigger issues.

One of the main reasons why traditional engagement surveys fall short is that they are time consuming and employees fail to see their value. Insights’ innovative technology uses real-time dashboards highlighting trending feedback and keeping everyone accountable for making meaningful changes. It also provides targeted, actionable suggestions so you can ensure employees feel like they have a voice and be sure your company is always improving. The product will be enhanced with AI capabilities such as providing predictive insights into employee churn across teams in organisations.

Perkbox aims to sign up 5,000 customers in the next six months and is offering a free 12-month subscription for a limited time period.

Ben Leeds, Director of Product at Perkbox comments, “For employers looking to improve performance and increase employee engagement, the data and trends generated by our new Insights product will allow them to see exactly how their performance improves over time. Further, HR leaders, managers and teams will be able to hold themselves accountable and track the progress that has been made on employee feedback and concerns throughout the transition.”