Phrasee: The Future of Email Marketing


Introducing Phrasee – the artificial intelligence system which quantifies, generates and optimizes email subject lines for marketers!

Phrasee sells itself as a language optimisation software. It should be stressed that the language produced is designed to sound human, rather than robotic or artificial, despite being written up this way. The goal is to optimise your marketing email language to get more clicks, opens, conversations and enquires.

How does it work?

Through artificial intelligence, Phrasee learns and comes to understand the emotions, phrases and sentiments that most resonate with your target audience. This understanding is built up on your results from past, present and future and create an algorithm from which Phrasee can work with.

The art of human psychology when it comes to language can be complicated with so many ways to say the same thing. Phrasee understands how the difference in tone, word choice and sentiment can make in triggering a positive response for your audience. Phrasee’s language analysis tool is called Phrasee Pheelings and predicts what will drive the response of your audience. The longer you use the service, the better results you will receive as it paints a detailed picture of your brand – which needs time to do.

A lot of research has clearly gone into this product. Phrasee knows that humans do not respond well to individual works or phrases. For successful audience engagement, we respond better to a high-order intereation between interdependent language constructs. Phrasee tests all of these factors as well as building a voice based around your brand.

The aim of the game is to generate better results, and these results are generated by a better use of language in the subject-lines of the marketing emails. Combine better language with better statistical analysis, you are are in the money. This is what Phrasee does.

What to use Phrasee for

Subject Lines

For a marketing email, the subject line is the crux of the entire email campaign. Even if the content of the actual email is outstanding, the subject line can make or break the campaign. If your subject line does not hit the spot, your response rates will see little to no success.

Body Copy

Following the optimised subject line reeling in the audience, the next point of call to see success will be your body copy. Phrasee prioritises an engaging approach over a spammy one to maximize your customers experience. Again, the body copy will be optimised and written in the voice appropriate to your branding.

Trigger Campaigns

A trigger campaign are those campaigns which recur automatically. A lot of companies use these, and they can be highly effective. However, it is rare that marketers consider keeping up the subject line, and keeping it relevant.