Pioneering Organic Search Professionals Embrace AI to Be More Strategic and Advance their Careers

New research reveals the organic search sector is seeing a multitude of benefits from Artificial Intelligence, including the ability to build strategy, improve workflows, and offer more efficient content delivery.


The $63 billion global search engine optimisation industry is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate many of the manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks that consume organic search practitioners’ valuable time.

While some industries have faced backlash for adoption of the technology by employees in fear of losing their jobs to a bot, this transformation is turning many organic search professionals into possibly the most pro-AI workforce of any sector, according to new research from Botify, a leading enterprise organic search platform.

Whilst large sections (37%) of the general working population fear AI and automation will lead to the elimination of their jobs, an overwhelming majority (90%) of organic professionals believe AI is in fact advancing their career.

Organic search professionals say by taking care of repetitive, mundane tasks, AI is letting them make smarter decisions and focus instead on the most interesting aspects of their roles. The most common applications of AI by organic search professionals include identifying keywords (41%); analysing data at scale (40%); improving site accessibility (36%); and conducting website audits (33%).

The top three benefits from using AI organic search professionals say they’re seeing are: the ability to build strategy (42%); implement faster (36%); and complete more optimisation projects (33%).



The survey also revealed that 30% of organic search professionals are happier in their day-to-day jobs because of these benefits, and a third say that AI’s ability to remove less attractive aspects of the job is making it easier to recruit talent into organic search roles (33%).

The research also shows that those organisations spending more on organic search are most likely to want to use more AI in their organic search strategy (85%) compared to those spending less (78%).

“The organic search sector has pioneered the use of AI across the past five years, and it’s fascinating to see the overwhelming verdict of professionals: that AI is a friend, not a foe,” said Benoit Gourdon, President, EMEA, at Botify. “No organic search practitioner wants to feel like they’re just a piece of an assembly line – they are looking to focus on the business impact of search and drive creativity. AI is enabling this and, by doing so, allowing brands and agencies to inform CMOs and other executives of the impact of organic search on driving profitable growth sustainably.”

As the organic search landscape is everchanging with search engines updating content expectations regularly, Botify continues to enhance its platform with AI and machine learning capabilities to reflect industry needs. “We’re committed to developing best-in-class technology to help organic search practitioners focus on more of the most interesting and high-value elements of their jobs,” Gourdon said.


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