Popular Industries for White Label Technologies

White label technologies can be a lucrative offering if you pick the right products or services. White labelling is when you take a product or service and then put your own brand on it. For instance, a fashion label could buy a wholesale order from a small seller on Etsy, then put their own label on it. The small seller then gets money both from the order itself, as well as from the sale of the re-branding. As with fashion, you can re-brand digital technologies, be it online advertising, or a software product. Today we take a look at the best industries to get in on when it comes to white label technologies.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is huge business. Outsourcing digital marketing efforts is commonplace, as many small and medium businesses simply don’t have the budget or in-house skills necessary for custom, in-house advertising. However, let’s say you have a traditional PR agency, without much experience in digital advertising. You want to offer this service to your customers, but don’t want to retain staff in house. The option here is to use a white label offering who handle digital advertising, who can run Google Ads, develop content, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Much like digital advertising, social media marketing is another very in demand service for businesses. However, unlike regular digital advertising, a different approach is needed for social media marketing. If you want to offer social media marketing as a service, you can find providers offering this white label technology, or even software platforms that can be re-branded for small to medium businesses to use for their operations.


App companies don’t always produce their own apps. Even companies who develop in-house may have certain projects that they outsource development for. One of the options you have open to you in the world of white label technologies is using a white label app builder platform like BuildFire to quickly spin up apps for your customers. Your customers only see that it’s your branded app software. Do be aware of the security concerns if you don’t have access to all the infrastructure available here.


Did you know that many online casinos simply aggregate games from software providers? In the online casino industry, this is common practice. While casinos themselves need to organise licenses, etc., the actual games and even payment systems can be purchased and re-branded from white label providers. There are various coveted operators of the necessary technology for casinos, often referred to (in the industry) as’ world class operators.‘ Ultimately, you will need great business software, which is provided by a range of different game software development houses.


White label SEO is booming. Instead of gaining SEO knowledge in-house, you can work with a white label SEO provider to do SEO for your customers. The benefits of this approach include branded reporting, dashboards and more. You can take a look at the service offered by Online Marketing Gurus to see the type of services and results that are achievable with a white label provider.

The best use of white label technologies isn’t always starting from scratch and slapping your branding on something you know nothing about. Instead, it’s a complementary function or service that already goes hand in hand with your current business. It’s a way to expand your own business without the time, effort, and resources to spin it up yourself internally. White label technologies can be very successful – so long as you choose the right provider and the right product.