Premier Lofts shows ‘outside the loft’ thinking


One of London’s leading loft conversion companies, Premier Lofts, has used some clever digital marketing to expand their business. The Radlett-based company has over 25 years of experience in the loft conversion trade, pioneered by their founder, Malcolm Newman.
The business has already adopted search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to boost its online presence for search terms relating to loft conversions and extensions, and then a brainwave occurred. By having a website with a strong domain authority, why not rank on Google for other products?

Thinking ‘outside the loft’

Premier Loft’s SEO agency has devised a content strategy to target other related search terms including double glazing in London, basements, conservatories and more. Whilst Premier Lofts does not offer all of these services, they are constantly working with people that do and can certainly make an introduction. So leveraging their website’s strong domain, they can rank for other construction and renovation keywords which will generate business for their partners and earn them referrals fees.
A spokesman from their SEO agency explained: “Rather than simply provide their own services, we can rank Premier Lofts for a number of things and we could eventually turn the business into a comparison or broker for contractors and suppliers. People looking for loft conversions may also be looking for basements or a new cinema room, so let’s help them find it.
‘This was quite a clever way to work with a client. Instead of them paying us every month to do their SEO, we have now found a smart way for them to drive new business to their site and earn commission. How many agencies can turn a proposition around like that?

Listen to a recent interview

PL’s founder, Malcolm Newman, was interviewed by Homes Under The Hammer presenter, Martin Roberts, just before he went into the jungle. You can listen below where they discuss everything there is to know about loft conversions including planning permission, costs, materials and more.


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