Fuelling a Booming Industry: Protein Haus

In recent years, the UK health and fitness industry has taken off in a huge way. Now worth over £4 billion, it is an industry that is fuelled by people from all walks of life looking to take their fitness seriously and get healthy. With the explosion in social media and the impact it is having, creating celebrities and driving forces for the industry, with the likes of The Body Coach, Deliciously Ella and others making things tick; this is an industry that is showing no signs of slowing down.
TechRound went to meet the brains and the founder behind UK based fitness, health food and fitness brand, Protein Haus.

Company Background

Protein Haus are a London based company aiming to provide diet fitness food to gym bunnies and newcomers alike. Founded by Carli Wheatley in 2015 they aim to educate, empower and motivate people to become fitter and happier. Carli, a Personal trainer and fitness enthusiast with over 10 years’ experience in the industry set up the brand originally selling Protein Shakes from a separate company’s juice bar. Protein Haus however, has gone from strength to strength and is now a force to be reckoned with in London with 3 Kiosks and a store set to open early 2017.
Offering Meal Plans, Macros and Juice fasts for people who really want to hit the gym and their diet hard, they also offer Protein Doughnuts and other treats that taste great but are half the calories of other alternatives.  Carli says: “I want people to be able to sit on the couch at the end of the day and eat Protein Haus treats safe in the knowledge that they taste great but are also good for them. The days of just eating plain celery to lose weight are gone”

Who are Protein Haus and what do you do?

Protein haus is Carli Wheatley. We make the best protein shakes in London and we are proud of it. We cater for every diet known to man and woman. There is no judgement here, Whether you are trying your first protein shake or dead-lifting a car, anything goes ! We love to try new things in the gym and in the Kitchen. We make eating #onthegolean FUN! With a capital F.

Protein Haus offers a range of shakes and products

The health-food and fitness markets are huge and have now grown to being worth more than £4 billion in the UK, why do you think that is?

Because we are obsessed with looking good.

Where do Protein Haus fit into all that?

I (Carli) live, love and breath fitness and I’ve always wanted me and my friends to eat what I eat which is just simple low calorie food. We are unique and are leading the game because I am the customer and understand completely what is needed to deliver a healthy balanced diet.

Have you seen a sharp increase in the last couple of years since more and more celebrities have been promoting healthy living?

Celebrities have always been admired. It’s just looking like them or even living their lifestyle is now more accessible to everyone with healthy places like us opening up and places offering healthy options/

Where can we find you?

We are based in Canary Wharf shopping centre and in Moorgate. We are soon to be opening a new store very soon.
The benefit is we are going to be everywhere making dieting easier to do. And our stuff actually tastes nice, so eating lean, low calorie foods and drinks is enjoyable too!  Plus we are affordable so you can come every day or twice a day like most of our customers do.
Have you ever tried our protein cheesecake? Once you eat this you wouldn’t want the ‘normal’ one!

To find out more about Protein Haus, visit proteinhaus.co.uk, follow them on Twitter: @ProteinHausUK and Carli: @CarliWheatleyPH.

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