Renovai Bridges the Gap Between Product Discovery and Purchase

One of the biggest challenges that the eCommerce industry faces is the void between product discovery and purchase. While there’s an abundance of potential customers visiting websites left and right, the conversion rates of turning prospects into buyers remain underwhelming. This has been an ongoing hiccup that leaders are trying to navigate through by implementing bulletproof strategies and tactics to boost revenue growth. But despite relentless efforts, organizations still suffer a plateau in overhauling the ultimate customer experience.

As the digital world turns more cutthroat, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that the problem isn’t just in marketing or advertising – it’s within a company’s model itself. By now, it’s safe to say that obsolete practices are no longer viable in optimising modern consumerism. What every eCommerce company needs is a state-of-the-art tool that doesn’t just empower retailers, but also inspires shoppers to click the checkout button, and return for more.

A major obstacle that prospects experience is choice paralysis, which means being faced with a myriad of options that blurs their intent of finding the right product and purchasing. Simply put, the more complex the shopping experience, the lower the likelihood of conversion. renovai, an AI-based visual commerce solution, aims to bridge the gap between product discovery and purchase by hyper-personalising the e-commerce experience and adding the required visual context.


Leveraging Correlated Deep Tagging

Founded in 2019, renovai brings their team’s unique expertise in CX, UX/UI, architecture and interior design, styling, and all things e-commerce to overhaul the way people shop online. They created a fully-automated, AI-based stylist that simplifies the complexities of online shopping and enhances every company’s conversation rates. They have invested in their decades of evolving design methodology to equally revolutionise the retailer and end-user experience by creating visually appealing interactions throughout the funnel.



Their unique technology, Correlated Deep Tagging, makes products more discoverable by hyper-personalising the shopping experience and improving the tagging accuracy with computer vision AI. It’s a collaboration between human expertise and machine learning capabilities. Simply put, it eliminates irrelevant products that tend to cloud a prospective customer’s judgement, and directly suggest items tailored accordingly to their taste, liking, and needs. 

Correlated Deep Tagging optimiaes and categorically filters what shoppers want to find by adding context to their searches until it creates a specific matching suggestion. It works on a myriad of visual discovery cues that buyers can choose, combine, or eliminate until they arrive at a result that satisfies their needs. This cutting-edge technology yields maximal accuracy for both small and large vendors. 


The Hyper-Personalized Shopping Experience

renovai’s goal is to disrupt the traditional online shopping experience to fit the requirements of a modern customer in the digital era. Through hyper-personalisation, they just don’t add nuances and layers to an otherwise robotic sales process, but they also establish strong customer relationships from the users’ end. 

Their expert solutions include product recommendations, in-store digitisation, visual search and discovery, marketing personalisation, and fashion and apparel. These features don’t just optimise the retailer processes, but also enhance the end-user experience through a more holistic, accurate, innovative, and customisable digital platform. This aims to establish a solid, compelling, and personal product discovery that yields to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

With its forward-thinking team and advanced technological capabilities, renovai is positioned to lead the disruption of the modern shopping experience in the digital era – from seamless product discovery to higher conversion rates.


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