Start Up Profile: Earth to Earth Organics


The skincare and cosmetics industry is booming and is now more competitive than ever. There appear to be so many different brands, most of which seem to be offering the same products. So, how do you set yourself apart when throwing yourself into such large and fast-moving industry?
Earth to Earth Organics wanted to make a difference to the beauty industry, not just to be different.
Danny and Tenesia

What is Earth to Earth Organics?

Earth to Earth Organics is an ecologically and environmentally conscious and chemical-free organic skincare brand, founded by husband and wife, Danny and Tenesia Pascal. The company pride themselves on being free of animal testing, which is a wider problem in the cosmetics industry, especially if they are sold in China as it is actually a requirement. They are also advocates for fair trade and make sure that all their packaging is recyclable.
Danny and Tenesia explain that they see their business as more of a philosophy and hope to highlight the importance of the thought behind beauty products through their range of body oils, butters and washes. They wish to push the idea of people stopping to think about whether they would put something on their body that they would not put in it before purchasing products which are filled with chemicals.

Earth to Earth Organic’s Unique Selling Point

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Earth to Earths unique selling point came about as a result of personal experience. Tenesia explains that when she moved to England from Guyana at the age of 18, the difference in climate along with a diet which was heavier in processed foods appeared to have a profound effect on her skin, resulting in rashes. Searching high and low for natural products to help heal her skin, Tenesia had no luck. A clear gap in the market emerged and with Tenesia starting to research natural ingredients to try various combinations, she was onto something great when she found the recipe which worked wonders for her skin.
The initial product was dubbed ‘aunties magic butter’ after her nephew who has eczema started to use her butter, which had amazing results for him also. From this point on, the family stopped using shop bought products, which they found were high in unnecessary and sometimes harmful chemicals and started to use their own concoctions.
Their range expanded to now include the ‘magic butter’, body oils and body washes which are subtle for anyone which any skin type. Particularly, great for people with overly sensitive skin.