How to Successfully Implement Business Management Software

There are always ways for software implementation to go wrong; too many in fact! A quick google search and you`ll find a few horror stories to say the least but rather than focus on what could go wrong, as many do, we think it’s important to focus on how things could go right. Many feel the implementation of something such as Dynamics 365 Business Central is a hugely daunting task but it needn’t be when you have the experts with you. 

The NAVExperts, will be with you every step of the way, from the initial stage of selecting the right software for you, all the way from which licensing is best suited for you, training and what they know will be a seamless implementation for your business. How do NAV Experts know it will be seamless? Because that’s what they do. NAV look after you every step of the way and ensure that everything is carried out correctly 

The Insider Tips

The NAV Experts, have been privy to many software implementations and as a result, have seen a number of different approaches. They have come to recognise several important factors about any implementation project:

  • A successful software implementation must be a mutual goal for both parties.
  • The project must have buy in from everyone involved, with the appropriate staff assigned to certain projects.
  • Their role is to assist you, providing the knowledge and skills they have acquired, which are in abundance.
  • No matter what the size of the project, the following insider tips will help you on the road to success.

Here are the favourite insider tips to help make the transition a smooth and easy one:

  • Motivate Everyone Involved – it’s hugely important to get everyone on board. You may want to get feedback from different departments. Find out what makes their jobs difficult and explain to them how the new software could make their jobs a whole lot easier. A transition into new software can be made a lot easier with your entire team on board and willing to learn
  • Have Clear Goals – what are you hoping this new software will provide you with? Automation of certain tasks? Saved time in certain areas? Cost-effectiveness? Outline your nice to haves and your need to haves. That way when it comes to deciding on the best software for you, they have a much clearer outline on how they can help you achieve your goals
  • Have A Project Team In Place – having a team set aside to dedicate to the implementation of your new software may sound costly in terms of staffing and time but it’s actually the opposite. Having a dedicated team will mean they can spend time acquainting themselves with the new software, before dedicating their time assisting the rest of your staff. Having a project team in place will ensure everyone’s up to speed and ready for your chosen go-live date
  • Pick A Realistic Go-Live – it’s important to pick a realistic go-live date. Once your go-live has been selected, NAV Experts will put together a planned approach with realistic and achievable timescales on how to achieve the end goal, go-live.. They offer a full post-live support and handover too to ensure your team are supported throughout the entire transition. While they know the importance of the role of you, the client, NAV also realise that one of the biggest keys to success is also having their expert knowledge on hand through the whole process and that’s exactly what we offer
  •  Select The Right Partner – this tip could have a double meaning. By selecting the right partner they refer to both the company you work with, NAV Experts – and the software you choose, D365 Business Central for instance 

With the right knowledge, communication and of course passion for what you’re doing, anything is possible and a successfully implementation of new business management software is just one of those that’s easily achievable.