TechRound Meets CEO and Author Simon Leslie

Simon Leslie, author of Equanimity: The Diary of a CEO in Crisis is a personable serial entrepreneur who has spent all his life striving to do things better, differently and in a culture that rewards behaviours as well as results.


TechRound Meets CEO and Author Simon Leslie


The pandemic almost destroyed the company that Simon had spent 27 years building and developing. His recent experiences were a deeply personal voyage of discovery, courage, vulnerability, and reflection.

Simon Leslie is Founder and Chief Executive of Ink, a global travel media company. For over 30 years; Simon has dedicated his career to creating travel publications that have been held by anyone who’s flown on a plane in the last few decades.

That accomplishment has made him the World Record Holder for the number of inflight magazines launched and published. With over 250 million copies of magazines published in the last 30 years he knows a thing or two about crafting travel media.



Despite his success, Simon’s business didn’t evade the pandemic. Ink’s revenue went from 150 million to zero. Against all odds, Simon used his entrepreneurial prowess to make it back on top bigger, better, and more successful than ever before. He is ready to share his lessons and outlook with other business leaders who find themselves under duress.

As a mentor and serial investor to multiple young entrepreneurs Simon coaches worn out business leaders about how to live the life of their dreams.


What was your motivation for writing your latest book Equanimity: The Diary of a CEO in crisis?


I was motivated to write this book to give anyone with challenges, difficult times or just growth opportunity a playbook to deal with anything business throws at you. It answers many questions, entrepreneurs ask themselves on a daily basis.


How have you as a CEO evolved over the past few years?


I have been more considered, patient and tolerant. I have gone on a journey of discovery and found many interesting new facts about running a global business. I found out lots of new things about myself and how strong and determined I can be.


What is your advice for budding entrepreneurs who will be facing challenges on their business journey?


Read the book, trust your instincts, find people who have been where you are going. Find people who have done what you want to do. Don’t listen to anyone you won’t swap places with.