TechRound’s Gousto Review: Deliciously Simple, Sustainable Meals


Launched in 2011 by friends Timo Boldt and James Carter, Gousto creates and delivers great-tasting, simple recipes straight to your door, along with all the key ingredients for them.

TechRound recently reviewed one of Gousto’s award-winning boxes, claiming to make home cooking “simple and tasty” – a statement which certainly lived up to its expectations.

Each dish was as straightforward and delicious as the next, coming with the perfect amount of ingredients, and clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

We reviewed four of Gousto’s meals, these being:

The Ultimate Vegan Stack Burger – an (almost) entirely vegan dish, with free-from mayonnaise and alternative cheese slices. The only non-vegan ingredients was the plant based brioche, the recipe stating it may contain egg and milk.

The burger patties themselves were a testament to how far meat alternatives have come, complemented with smoky crispy potato rösti and balsamic onions. The dish was completed in 8 simple steps, and required no specialised kitchen utensils.




Lemony Prawn & Courgette Spaghetti – a seriously tasty dish made from only a few ingredients, creamy with just the right amount of zest and veg. The dish was quick and easy to make, showing that even the simplest of recipes can have phenomenal flavour in them.




Sticky Beef & Broccoli Noodle Stir Fry – a recipe bursting with flavour, this dish both looked and tasted great, and was also entirely dairy-free. Whilst including a lot of separate tasks compared to previous dishes, this recipe was laid out in such a clear and concise way it completely streamlined the cooking process, and provided the perfect home-made alternative to a takeaway night.




Thai Chicken, Ginger Greens & Brown Rice – both rich in protein and fibre, this wonderfully healthy, great-tasting dish and came with a range of vibrant veg, and kept us full the entire night. This was the only dish out of the four that required “special equipment”, this being a pestle and mortar (or alternatively a food processor).




The ingredients Gousto provided was enough for two healthy portions (each meal was for 2), making it effortless to follow the recipe to a t whilst also reducing food wastage to 0%. Although most of the ingredients was delivered in the box, it’s worth checking you have kitchen essentials such as cooking oil and salt before starting the dishes.

Gousto prepares customers for any of these additional requirements – each recipe profile detailing “What you’ll need”, and “Equipment required” that’s not included in the boxes. This way, customers can tailor their order so they only get meals their kitchen is equipped for.

After completing your order, Gousto will deliver your box, packed full of fresh, tasty ingredients and expertly crafted recipes – claimed to cost as little as £2.98 per serving, with “all of the flavour and none of the fuss.


Sustainability in Every Meal

The statistics on food wastage are shocking, the average UK home wasting £700 a year on food that’ll go in the bin. Gousto offer a convenient way for people to minimise this food wastage, only providing the exact amount of ingredients needed for their meals.

Gousto help to reduce food waste not just in their customers’ kitchens, but across the UK. Unlike supermarkets, Gousto orders food from suppliers based off their actual orders, meaning there’s minimal food wastage throughout the supply chain.

This is not the only way the company are helping to promote sustainability, now having solved their 50% plastic pledge, and cut the equivalent of 238 million plastic straws from their boxes.

Overall, Gousto has managed to combine sustainability with convenience; creating delicious meals with simple recipes, all at great prices.