The Best Managed IT Services For Small Businesses


Small businesses, listen up. Do you want to find ways to improve your business growth, online presence and overall IT? Here’s TechRound’s list of the best managed IT service providers for small businesses. Whether you’re a small marketing agency in London or a recruitment startup in Manchester, here are some of the best managed IT services available for small businesses today.

What’s more, we’ve provided some of the most popular, affordable and highly-rated managed IT services companies out there for you. So, what are you waiting for? Read on. 


What Are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT services, also known as MSPs, enable companies to outsource IT support from third-party companies. Though companies, mainly large corporations, do have their own in-house IT teams it is often more cost-effective to outsource it for small businesses. 

Small businesses can pay for managed IT services through various providers, which can then provide 24/7 support on-site and remotely. The specific services included in managed IT varies by provider, but it typically includes business cybersecurity support, network monitoring, hardware and software supply and installation alongside data backup and recovery. The pricing of managed IT services, moreover, is another major selling point for small businesses looking to outsource IT support. But, the pricing will depend on the managed IT service provider and client in question. 


Why Choose Managed IT Services? 

As mentioned above, small businesses frequently pay third-party companies for managed IT services because it is more cost-effective than having an in-house team. But, what other advantages are there to managed IT services for small businesses? Find out more below. 


Better Efficiency 

Outsourcing managed IT services can result in better business efficiency. More specifically, it can reduce any downtime for businesses. In addition, it can enable small businesses to focus their expertise on other areas of the business, meaning freeing up time and the opportunity for more work productivity. 


Expert Advice  

As with most things, leave it to the experts. Business IT is both a broad and complex arena and one which can be difficult to approach for small businesses that don’t have the knowledge, time or expertise. By choosing a managed IT service provider, small businesses can receive expert advice quickly and be rest assured that their business IT infrastructure is in safe hands. 


Flexibility & Scalability  

Managed IT service providers (or at least good ones) are flexible when it comes to their services. By this, we mean they can provide tailored packages for small businesses that suit their business needs (source: Zintengo Invoice Template) . For example, one small business may require additional help when it comes to cybersecurity, while another may want to pay a little more for web hosting. Moreover, managed IT services also tend to be scalable – which, is great for small businesses that may be rapidly growing or changing in size in some form. 


Improved Security 

Last, but not least, managed IT service providers can also take small businesses’ security to the next level. Many small businesses and startups often feel that they don’t need to take the same level of precaution as larger corporations, simply because they’re smaller. But, this is far from the truth. Cyber threats and fraud for businesses continue to rise and be a problem to combat. Fortunately, managed IT services can help avoid any potential client, financial or personal data leaks, theft or hacks. 


Why Are Managed IT Services Important? 

There are many reasons why managed IT services are important. Whether it be cost saving, business cybersecurity or productivity reasons – there are many reasons why managed IT services are crucial for all types of small businesses in the UK today. 


How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost? 

The cost of managed IT services varies by provider and client. Furthermore, the cost will also depend on the package chosen by a small business. Evidently, opting for additional services will bring the bill up. But, there are plenty of affordable and competitive managed IT service providers in the UK who can help transform small businesses.  


1. Zenzero


As a growing SME themselves, Zenzero understands first-hand what small businesses need in terms of business continuity. With over 15 years of experience in managed IT services, Zenzero is another top contender for small business IT support. They make managed IT services easy to understand and provide their small business clients with ongoing and 24/7 support. 


2. Lucidica 


Lucidica offers bespoke managed IT service packages for small businesses in London and nearby. Offering on-site and remote IT support, Lucidica is one of the industry-leading managed IT service providers today. With a focus on small businesses, Lucidica can help improve a business’s IT infrastructure with expert advice and additional features. From cloud storage, and business cybersecurity to Microsoft 365 packages, Lucidica is one of the best. 

What sets Lucidica apart is that its process of onboarding small business clients is efficient yet detailed. They don’t stick clients into strict contracts but instead take the time to learn their business and IT needs before offering a final quote. 

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3. Integral IT 


Based in North Yorkshire, Integral IT is another experienced and well-rated managed IT service provider. Offering managed IT services for businesses in Yorkshire and other areas, Integral IT offers a range of services – from IT support, and IT consultancy to cloud storage solutions and infrastructure services. For small businesses looking for affordable IT services, Integral IT is one to consider. 


4. Air IT 


Air IT, which has recently welcomed Netstar to the group, prides itself on its personalised support for clients. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses, as each varies in size, model and scalability. Moreover, Air IT offers managed IT services for a range of small businesses in London, from cloud, and cybersecurity to IT support services. Having been in the industry for a long time, Air IT does know a thing or two when it comes to bespoke managed IT services. 


5. Syntax IT Support 


Another great London-based managed IT service for small businesses is Syntax IT Support – a company specialising in supporting small and medium-sized UK businesses. Network design, hardware and software support and installation to cloud and business cybersecurity, Syntax IT Support offers affordable yet competitive services for all types of businesses.