The Newest Transport Industry Innovations


The transport industry is evolving increasingly faster throughout the decades. With Tesla now actively developing self-driving cars and Amazon demonstrating that drone deliveries can be a successful venture, it is obvious how these technology trends will be able to change the industry and attitude of transportation and logistics. Transportation is an essential infrastructure for the economic well-being and growth of any country. A healthy transportation sector provides crucial support for economic growth in both rural and urban areas, national defence and sustained access to safe, efficient travel for the country’s inhabitants.

Read on to find out about the top transport industry innovations that will revolutionise transportation in the near future.

Fleet Tracking

A fleet tracking system sold by companies such as makes use of location technology in vehicles being tracked and software programs that gather the data from these automatic vehicle location devices that allow you to work out its whereabouts. By using fleet tracking systems, you will be able to lower operating expenses, enhance your resources and maximise your labour costs. Also, there are a lot of ways that fleet tracking systems could help you improve customer service. For example, you could exactly give a customer a more or less accurate time of arrival. A courier service could give their customers tracking numbers that would help them monitor their packages to ensure that it is getting delivered, and when it is getting delivered.

Logistics Automation

The main advantage of automation is that it saves labour. It is used to save energy and materials and to increase quality, accuracy and precision. This same principle of automation, to decrease labour time spent on manual entry say, for example, in the process of planning the movement of procured and sold goods in the supply chain, also known as logistics, helps decrease costs and impact the bottom line, all while decreasing error and improving overall customer service.

Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are a technology trend based on the concept of artificial intelligence. Tesla is already allowing drivers to turn on autopilot in their cars, provided that they will follow the road. Uber has also recently launched about a hundred autonomous cars on the streets of Pittsburgh. However, innovation is only in a testing stage so far — Uber’s specialist is constantly in the car when it is on the road and oversees the work of the algorithm and security.

Smart Roads

Roads are the future of transportation, giving our cities the ability of smart mobility. A typical smart road will be animated will communicate with vehicles and people using sensors, data capture abilities and the ability to be receptive to variations in the environment. Roads will literally talk to traffic signs, bicycles and vehicles. Roads will virtually be alive.

Smart roads will be gathering solar energy and putting that energy into electricity for vehicles and the infrastructure. They will glow in the dark using photo-luminescent powder that charges during the day. Smart roads will use motion-sensor lights to light up only the sections of road that are being used, providing night visibility while going dim when not in use.