The Power of being different – Building a strong audience for your business in 2019


The Power of being different – Building a strong audience for your business in 2019

The toughest part about starting a new business or brand is building a strong audience. Looking back at the most successful businesses in modern times, this is the one element that all but guaranteed their success: their tribe.

Nothing of great value – like a strong audience – is ever achieved that easy without putting in effort.
As a new business, you are like a novice in a new territory; one which is already dominated by
the big sharks and to outwit them and get the attention of the intended audience, you have to
display a certain peculiarity that is very much relatable.

In essence, standing out is your best bet at getting the attention of a new audience.
In this article, I will be looking holistically at some of the perks of being different when trying to
build a new brand or business.

Competitive Advantage

Not until 2007, the idea of touchscreen phones was something to be marvelled about because
it was rare at the time. Most phones at the time were mostly operated with keys but Apple, with
a foresight on capitalizing on convenience – which customers would very much love – saw an
opportunity after it discovered and bought a company (Fingerworks) that specializes in
producing multi-touch products.

There was already a strong rivalry between Apple and other strong contenders in the phone-
producing industry but that novel feature added to Apple phones at the time made them more
appealing to the masses and instantaneously stood out, which even became more evident with
the profits amassed following the release of touchscreen phones.

Because you are in an industry where all other businesses are struggling for the attention of the
audience, you have to constantly come up with innovative concepts to stay on top.

Create Strong Identity

There is a reason why if you check the top ladder of most industries, you are never going to find
just one brand on top. Instead you will find two or more brands that have carved a niche for
themselves and made excellent efforts to capitalize on the uniqueness in customers’

When you try to be different in your business endeavours, you give your audience something to
identify you with. It is easier to have a strong audience when you have established an identity
that is unrivalled.

For example, is one reputable platform that has proven itself over time as a trusted
destination to find original takes on big stories, and because it has established an identity, it
attracts a budding audience who make the site their first stop when in search of fresh, reliable
content on big stories.


The factor of having an identity comes into play here. When you have something unique to be
identified with as a business, you will pool a tribe of people who will stick with your brand
through thick or thin and with this you can rest assured you’ll be reeling in profits consistently
regardless of the instability of the market.

Every day, customers are faced with chains of businesses which provide similar products and
services and the question worth asking is: why would anyone patronize you regardless of the
numerous options available? What is that unique thing your business brings to the table, which
is not so common with other businesses?

So while building a strong audience could prove strenuous, trying to be different is surely a step
in the right direction.