Top 10 Areas for a Serviced Office In London

In recent years, the demand for serviced offices has grown rapidly in line with the changing corporate world. As a type of fully furnished office space, serviced offices come with all the facilities you could need to start working immediately. Facilities such as office furniture, Wi-Fi, utilities, kitchen area, and meeting rooms are all typically provided. Another great draw towards serviced offices is that they often have sorter rental agreements that run on a rolling basis, as opposed to traditional five-year leaseholds. Therefore, renters are not tied to long agreements and can get started with work as soon as they move in, making serviced spaces a popular office type. Discover the top 10 areas in London for a serviced office and whether they could work for your organisation here. 


1. Canary Wharf

With a reputation for big financial companies, Canary Wharf is an ideal area for those seeking a serviced office in the thick of the commercial action. This East London hub has a variety of offices in a small area, including serviced offices. What’s more, Canary Wharf has seen an influx of different industries moving to the area over the last decade, establishing more of a diverse business setting. Therefore, no matter what industry you occupy, Canary Wharf could work well as your office location of choice. 


2. Mayfair

The prestige of a Mayfair office is one that is difficult to match elsewhere in the city. Known for its rental prices, a serviced Mayfair office does not come without a certain price tag which may not be within everyone’s budget. However, if you’re seeking an office in a wealthy business district with the potential for high-profile networking opportunities, then Mayfair could be for you. It is worth noting that serviced offices often cost more than private office spaces, so a serviced office in Mayfair will sit on the higher end of the rental spectrum. 

3. Hammersmith

Next, we’ve got Hammersmith. With numerous retail outlets, impressive transport links, and a younger professional demographic, Hammersmith has a vibrant community atmosphere that makes it an attractive area compared to its central counterparts. The West London district has an opportunistic feel to it and is generally more affordable than other commercial hubs in the city. Opting for a serviced office in Hammersmith could therefore work well for startups and organisations looking to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle of central London. 

4. Camden

A serviced office in Camden is a popular choice for medium-sized enterprises looking to network and establish themselves in a thriving area of London. Situating an office in Camden not only offers connections to some of the largest central London boroughs but also opens doors to a range of emerging businesses ranging from tech to marketing and more. Camden similarly offers various office types including coworking spaces as well as private and serviced offices. 


5. Soho

With a rich history of theatre, art, and creatives, Soho is now home to some of the most pioneering tech and finance firms in London. Soho has a great mix of commercialism and creativity which has attracted a range of industries to the area over the last decade. Serviced offices in Soho could be ideal for businesses looking to establish themselves in the innovative district without the commitment of a long rental lease. 

6. London Bridge

As one of the busiest commercial hubs in the city, London Bridge is not an area to forget when considering the area for your serviced office. London Bridge has undergone recent developments, making the area accessible to commuters all over the city and creating a more sustainable job growth market. With the business community outweighing residents in London Bridge by 10:1 it is no wonder so many organisations choose to situate their office here with so many networking opportunities on their doorstep. A serviced office in London Bridge could therefore suit your business too. 

7. Holborn

Offices in Holborn and Chancery Lane are generally more affordable than its neighbouring districts Farringdon and Kings Cross. Known for its long associated history with law, Holborn has been a popular location for businesses for years but particularly for those in legal professions. However, this is not to say Holborn is exclusively for those in the legal sector. Over recent years, more and more industries have relocated to Holborn and Chancery Lane including media organisations and art-based industries. A serviced office in Holborn is not one to dismiss. 

8. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a prime hotspot in London for creatives. With street art and independent stores on every corner, Shoreditch has drawn many creatives to the area and continues to do so. Shoreditch is also home to the Silicon Roundabout which is London’s unofficial technology hub and has attracted various web and tech companies as well. The area’s predicted rental growth is among the highest in the city, so opting for a serviced office in Shoreditch could certainly be a wise business decision. 

9. Waterloo

With a staggering amount of commuters using Waterloo Station every day, the area is an emerging business district in its own right compared to London’s traditional business areas in the City. Waterloo is one of the biggest transport hubs in London which has seen various businesses choose to place their office nearby for convenience. There are consequently many organisations looking to relocate to the evolving area of Waterloo, so a serviced office here could certainly work well for teams requiring an accessible and thriving area. 

10. Farringdon

Finally, Farringdon is one of the best areas in London for a serviced office as it ranks among the top districts to grow businesses. In the heart of Islington, Farringdon is primarily home to creative and tech companies owing to its vibrant and modern atmosphere. Proximate to a range of universities, Farringdon is also viable for companies looking to build connections and expand. Farringdon is therefore a more affordable and innovative area for a serviced office in London compared to other, more traditional central locations.