Top 50 Companies With The Best Privacy Rights Experience

Ahead of Data Privacy Day 2021, Mine presents “Data Privacy in Action”

The Data Privacy in Action is an industry-first project that allows the public to evaluate the actions taken by companies in regards to their data privacy rights. We hope this will allow consumers worldwide to be more educated and make smart choices. The index is based on the real-life experiences of over 1,500,000 data privacy requests sent by over 130,000 Mine users worldwide. This project also gives a stage to companies that stand out in their dedication to honouring data privacy requests.

Breaking the Privacy Paradox

For many years, privacy was always about building fences around consumers to keep their data “safe,” but no one wants to give up the internet to protect their privacy. Instead, consumers should be able to control their personal data while enjoying the benefits of the internet. This is the future of data ownership, it’s about providing transparency and choice over the data we all share. In early 2020, Mine was introduced to the world with a mission to provide exactly that.

Mine allows consumers to take ownership by helping them discover which companies have collected their data and how they use it. Then, upon their choice, they can use Mine to easily send deletion requests to companies, asking them to remove their data. After facilitating more than 1.5 million deletion requests, it is clear that consumers care about their data. More importantly, they value companies that respect their data by providing a friendly privacy experience. As consumers become more aware, so should all companies – by making their users’ privacy experience a top priority.

For companies to provide their users with the best privacy experience, the focus should be on simple and user-friendly experiences. This includes allowing their customers to easily understand their privacy policies, being clear about the data they collect, providing easy ways to submit privacy requests, and whenever possible, completing these requests efficiently on scale.

To elevate trust on the internet and push the privacy industry forward, Mine has decided to show consumers and companies the state of privacy in reality.

Privacy in Action

We’ve come a long way when it comes to data privacy, but to achieve a real balance between consumers and companies, we need to bring transparency and choice to the next level. Mine’s “Data Privacy in Action” looks beyond the words stated in the disclaimers and gives a stage to honour actions, as they matter a lot more. By presenting these real-life data privacy experiences for the first time, consumers can make informed decisions about which companies to share their data with. We hope this will set a stage and will fuel many companies worldwide to stand out and turn data privacy into an opportunity beyond compliance.

So which companies are embracing this new era of putting the power back in the consumers’ hands?

  • Netflix put privacy into action by completing data deletion requests in only an average of 3.3 days
  • SoundCloud put privacy into action by completing 90% of all data deletion requests
  • Honey put privacy into action by completing 88% of all data deletion requests



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