Top 10 Companies To Help Your Business Save Money

When running or managing a business, you may often be faced with challenges, especially in the current climate. Keeping your costs to a minimum is likely to be a recurring issue for business owners due to fluctuations in the market and ever-changing business needs. For small businesses in particular, it is of great importance to minimise your outgoings as much as possible in order to reap a larger profit.

Luckily, there are some useful UK companies that can help your business save some serious cash. From energy bills to accounting software and electric vehicles, there are a number of ways to save money in your day-to-day which can significantly help to minimise your outgoings over time. Take a look at our recommendations below and see how your business can become more profitable.

1. Electron Green

Electron Green specialises in commercial solar panels for companies across the UK, including the strategy and implementation of panels onto commercial and industrial rooftops. The solar provider installs free systems onto the rooftops of businesses and supplies low-cost electricity to occupants, allowing users to save money on their monthly energy bills.

Switching to sustainable energy sources may seem daunting at first, but the average UK household is said to save nearly £1,000 a year from producing their own energy. With larger premises such as an office or commercial building, these savings could be even more. Therefore, it is certainly worth looking into a solar energy provider such as Electron Green to start saving money on your daily energy usage.

2. Dropbox

Rather than continuing to use expensive hard drives, it could be beneficial to switch to cloud storage solutions if you do not already use them. Cloud storage companies such as Dropbox provide a range of features to increase collaboration such as file sharing. This cloud-based approach can reduce your outgoings by working out cheaper in the long run compared to hard drives, plus there is no need to manage or maintain any physical assets. Cloud storage also means that your files are protected in case of physical damage or theft, making it worthwhile to invest.

3. LibreOffice

Businesses can save a significant amount of money by using open-source software where the source code is available for free. LibreOffice, for example, is essentially a free version of Microsoft 365 with new features being added all the time such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and more. Their suite of office software is versatile and comes at no cost to its users, even for commercial use, making it a popular choice for companies looking to save a bit of extra cash without compromising their range of software.

4. Octopus Electric Vehicles

For companies that require vehicles to effectively operate, it could be worth looking into Octopus Electric Vehicles. With a team of industry experts, Octopus Electric Vehicles offer a range of handpicked electric vehicles from top manufacturers for customers to choose from. Plus, the company provide hassle-free smart charging solutions, allowing you to wake up every day with a fully charged vehicle. For businesses, you can save on tax with Octopus Electric Vehicles’ cost-effective EV leasing, making the switch to electric particularly beneficial in this instance.

5. OKI

When it comes to printing services, OKI sell the smallest A3 printer on the market. Their C800 series can handle various printing needs including posters, business cards, banners, and more thanks to their pioneering digital LED technology. What’s more, the C800 OKI series conserves energy due to their fusing technology which saves time and makes it an ideal choice for UK businesses who are looking for a cost-effective printer.

6. ArchOver

ArchOver is a peer-to-peer business lending platform which connects small businesses that are looking for working capital with investors. It works by lenders pledging to certain projects, providing SMEs with the money they need to achieve goals. ArchOver has a proven record of helping businesses secure trusted funding, making it a viable way to gain capital and receive some extra help when it comes to business investment.

7. eBay

If your business is in need of some key supplies, it could be worth looking at eBay and other second-hand companies for more affordable items. From furniture to electrons and gadgets, eBay has it all. There is little point in paying for brand-new items at an expensive rate when you could opt for second-hand supplies which are in perfect condition for a cheaper price. Much like how you might shop online for furniture for your home, furnishing your office or store with eBay goodies makes just as much sense.

8. FreeAgent

If you struggle with managing your finances, using accounting software such as FreeAgent can help to do your accounting for you. By having expert advice on hand, you can ensure that your business finances are managed appropriately and everything is up to date. Without an accountant or accounting software, you might find that you have been paying more than you should have to suppliers or paying unnecessarily for certain services. By managing your books, you can feel confident that any spendings are for good reason.

9. Canva

Canva is a particularly useful free graphic design platform that can help businesses enhance their social media posts, presentations, promotional material and more. The platform is easy to use, even for those with no prior graphic design experience, making professional graphics achievable for all. There is also a paid version of Canva, but even with just the free version, you can still choose from a huge range of templates and create eye-catching designs. Canva is a must-have for businesses looking to avoid spending a fortune on graphic designers.

10.  LinkedIn

Growing your network can be beneficial for both your business exposure and your finances. LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to others in the same industry, establish partnerships and make connections. You might find that people are open to organising collaborations or doing something of mutual benefit, for example by posting about your company on social media or adding a link to your site on theirs. Do not underestimate the power of collaborations on your finances as you never know what might happen.