Top VoIP Features Small Businesses Love

By Emma Lewis, bOnline

The landline switch-off is coming along fast, which is why more and more sole traders, freelancers, start-ups and other small businesses are switching to VoIP. And it’s not hard to see why, when you take a look at the time and money-saving features on offer. Here are just some of them, and how your small business can benefit.

All Inclusive Calls


When you sign up for a VoIP package (especially with bOnline!), you pay a fixed monthly fee which includes line rental and calls. Depending on the package you choose, this might be outgoing calls only, or both incoming and outgoing calls too. This is great when it comes to keeping track of your expenses and not worrying about racking up big phone bills.


Call Management


VoIP systems are great for managing your calls more professionally. This can give you a better work/life balance, plus help you to avoid missing calls (and new business!). Features include call forwarding, call recording, call transfer, call waiting, and caller ID. It’s easy to set up a welcome message with call queuing, making sure no calls are lost and that calls are routed to the right person or team.


Integrated Communications


VoIP integrates with other communication channels like instant messaging, email and video conferencing so everything is in one place. You can also access your VoIP system and make calls from any internet-connected device, including your smartphone, PC or tablet. All you need is a stable internet connection or Wifi; great for working on the go.

Analytics and Reporting


VoIP systems like those offered by bOnline include analytics and reporting tools that can give you insights into call volumes, call durations and other types of call data. These tools can help small businesses look at their communication activities to identify trends and make more informed business decisions.


Setting Your Own Business Hours


Planning a holiday or just want to make sure you don’t miss calls during your downtime? You can route incoming calls to automatically go to a specific inbox at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week. Again, this can really help your work/life balance and give you fewer worries about missing calls.


Cheaper International Calls


bOnline in particular offers extra bolt-on packages so you can make as many international calls as you like from just £5 a month. And when you consider that BT currently charges £1.55 a minute for calls from UK mobiles to America for instance, you can see how the savings really add up. Plus there’s no roaming charges.

Don’t forget, some VoIP providers like bOnline offer a free trial so you can test out all of the features without any obligation. It’s a great way of making sure the VoIP system you choose is right for your small business before taking the plunge.

Landlines are disappearing forever from next year and VoIP digital phone systems are the very best alternative! Don’t let your business get left behind.