Your Spa at Home – Meet USPAAH


UK consumers are becoming increasingly keen on spa products and with Brits spending around £5 billion per year, a huge amount of money on Christmas, with presents and gifts very much at the forefront of this, it is no wonder that treatments have been catching up in popularity with the products we know and love. With Uber and other ‘on demand’ apps and businesses springing up, disrupting existing markets and often improving the quality of what is on offer, USPAAH have stepped in to the spa treatment market and are making great strides into the lucrative UK market and the future of spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

With Iglika Ghouse, CEO and Founder of Uspaah

What is USPAAH?

USPAAH is Your Spa at Home. Our team of vetted and experienced therapists provide on-demand massage and beauty treatments to clients all over London.  Through a few clicks within the app, the clients (both male and females) can book a whole range of on demand beauty and wellness services to their chosen location – whether this be at home, at a hotel, Airbnb property, or office, and our therapists can be there within an hour.  We provide everything from sports massages and cutting-edge skin treatments to hair, make-up and nails.


Why Did You Start USPAAH?

In short, because I needed it, and at the time, there was no other app that brought a variety of treatments to my home at the touch of a button.  As a full time investment banker in a client facing role, beauty and wellness was an important part of my self-care regime but something I was having to sacrifice because of my career and this should absolutely not be the case in this technology enabled era.  Self-care played a big part of my everyday confidence, but like many of our existing clients, I was “time poor” and it was next to impossible to work my work schedule around high street salon hours.

What is USPAAH all About?

In a word, USPAAH is about convenience. There are millions of stressed city dwellers that need a more convenient way to treat themselves, and want to do so in the comfort of their own home (whilst their dry cleaning is being picked up, a Deliveroo is en route and fresh flowers have being delivered) and that is the trajectory of modern day consumer spending, it must start online, and be capable of being enjoyed from the sofa. USPAAH is adding luxury wellness and beauty treatments to this suite of “enjoy at home” services.  Treatments can be as early as 7am and we have lots of clients having treatments before travelling, before work, mothers having treatments before the school run etc., or as late as 10pm.


Working in a Well-Established Industry; What Have Been Your Main Challenges?

Well it’s an interesting question, because certain convenience/on demand mobile businesses are very established, for example, food delivery, Uber, cleaning services, etc.  However other on demand services, such as beauty and wellness treatments are in their infancy, we were one of the first in London and we’re only a few years old.  However, it is a rapidly growing sector and of course there are increasing levels of competition and new players entering the market all the time, and so most recently, one of our main challenges has been communicating clearly (and quickly) to our customer base why we are different.

On that note, why are you different and do you foresee this as being something that is difficult to maintain with new market entrants?

Well quite simply, quality of service.  Our therapists are highly vetted, trained and certified and closely monitored by our head of quality control.  They have to pass a testing workshop before they can start working for USPAAH clients and they can only use luxury branded products that we pre-authorise so that we can ensure consistent quality of service.
Also, on the therapist side, we also take lower commissions per job so that our therapists can take home more pay than other competitors.  Keeping our quality therapists motivated and nurturing their stakeholder mentality (rather than promoting a freelance type network) will be, in my opinion, crucial to our growth and continued quality control.  We offer training programmes so they can up-skill to provide a wider range of services, and as a result accept more jobs.

Of course, this will be difficult to maintain in the wake of increased competition but we are confident that we can stay true to our values and in keeping our therapists happy keep our clients happy.

What Makes USPAAH Tick and What About the Mobile Beauty Industry Inspired You?

We are a woman lead team that is on a mission to create a unisex brand synonymous with quality, reliability and health. We want to change the conversation to focus not only on the physical image related aspects of our treatments, but the psychological benefits as well.

I get my nails done, not only because I think it’s pretty, but because it makes me feel confident and well-put together, which in turn helps me perform my best at work. I get massages, not only to relieve the immediate pain from a 5k run, but to detach mentally even for just 60 mins, and relieve stress that may have been building up during the week.

We would like to inspire more people to embrace self-care and wellness, but without compromising on other parts of their lifestyle.  We love hearing stories of clients feeling rested and energised on Monday morning because they’ve been able to fit in a facial or a massage on a Sunday evening, or others that may have had last minute events come up and we’ve been able to save the day by providing nails, hair and makeup within an hour.

Download the USPAAH app and book a treatment today – use IG15 to get £15 off your first booking.