Why Action Leads to More Action

Inaction is incredibly easy, you can sit there and hope that your circumstances will change soon, and that in the future things will be better.

You may be holding off renting a flat because in the future you will have more money and it will be easier. In reality, that future might not ever come and you could be stuck in limbo, living in a situation that doesn’t make you comfortable, doesn’t make you thrive, and holds you back from making the best of every day, and therefore enjoying your life.

Sure it might cost more, but what are you willing to sacrifice to make sure you are comfortable at home—most people spend significant amounts of time there. What is peace of mind worth? Especially if you work at home, what is that worth?

If it gives you an environment that you like working and living in, then it is worth it.

Making a decision is worth it for your peace of mind

It also does wonders for your peace of mind. Being in flux is difficult to mentally thrive. Unless you have a strong ‘operating system’ (how you behave each day to make sure you stay sane) it is difficult to get into a routine and into flow.

Brexit is a perfect example of this. No-one really knows what is happening so it is difficult to take action in any direction. Lack of clarity and certainty means that we aren’t working in any one coherent way, instead we are putting off decisions until there is ‘more certainty’. It’s like in sales, a yes is ok, a no is ok, it is the maybe that kills you because you are spending time in that grey area.

Making a decision sets that thing in stone and in motion. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be reversed later (which most things can) but it means that once you’ve made that decision you don’t have to think about it anymore. You’ve committed. You’ve put it in place and ready to go. You free up headspace. Headspace that is now available to thrive.

What decisions have you been putting off?