Your Rights After An Injury At Work

An injury at work can cause illnesses, and an employee can be restrained from continuing their normal lives. Besides, your employer might try to put the blame on you, so you may want to consult a professional personal injury lawyer and make an accident claim. It’s hard to know how to approach things in such situations, especially if you don’t know what are your legal rights, and what are your employer’s responsibilities.  Here’s everything you need to know.


I Was Injured At Work, What Are My Rights?

You have some legal rights if you’ve been injured at work, or suffer from an illness, for example. It’s essential to know your rights, so that you can confidently work on your recovery in the future. It does not matter who you work for; you simply shouldn’t allow your employer to manipulate you, making you believe you shouldn’t claim compensation. Here’s a plan you should follow. 

If you employer attempts to convince you not seeking medical attention after the accident at work, they are in breach of law and act completely improperly. Some workplaces will design their first aid place in the even of an accident. Similarly, if you are suffering from an illness due to your workplace, make sure your employer has written a notice of this. Record the details within your employer’s accident book; they should have one. 

Employees have the right to get full sickness pay – ensure that your employer registers you for SSP. If you are unsure about this, you should contact your local benefits office. Also, it’s mandatory to attend all your medical appointments. If you’re back at work, but still under treatment for your injuries, you should still go to physiotherapy and regular check-ups with your doctor. Your employer has the obligation to let you attend those.


Take The Necessary Time To Recover

Taking time to recover from your accident will not only benefits you by reducing the time while you’re injured, but also benefit your employer by allowing you to return to work sooner. If your employer tries to pressure you to come back to work earlier, it’s necessary to seek legal advice from Personal Injury Claims Care. An unhealthy employee presents risks to their own health by going back to work sooner than needed, but also risk other coworkers’ lives. 

You may also experience psychological injuries, like stress, as well as physical injuries. If your usual work involves tasks like carrying, heavy lifting, climbing, or standing for long periods, your employer has the duty to accommodate you in coming back to work in full capacity. A back injury, for example, can prevent you from doing that sometimes. Thus, your employer must provide you an office for a couple of weeks, or lighter duties, so that you can return to work and continue earning a living. 

It’s your right to claim compensation for your injuries and pain, and also for your losses, like lost income. You can claim compensation if you suffer from an injury or illness at work as a result of your employer’s negligence. They are legally obligated to provide a safe and secure environment for unforeseen events, like workplace accidents. 



Do You Get Paid If You Are Injured At Work? 

Yes, in most cases. But this may depend on the situations or the contract you have with your employer. Not everyone receives full pay on sick leaves; your employer might not have such policy, which should concern you. You have the right to more than just 1 sick day pay.

Knowing your legal rights in case you are injured at work is key. The great news is that the law is straightforward – if you’ve been badly injured at work, you should be treated fairly and claim compensation. Depending on your specific situation, you can claim compensation for loss of wages, treatments for your injuries, and any other related costs. A personal injury lawyer will be able to advice you what to do. 

All of these rules apply, no matter the employment status at the time of the accident. You may work part-time, full-time, or be self-employed. If the injury happened at work, you’re likely to claim compensation. 

On the other hand, just because you have the right to make a claim for your injuries, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t at fault for the accident. A lawyer will work out to prove if your employer is liable for your injuries or any other losses and damages you might have suffered. Each injury has its own circumstances, as not two work-related accidents are the same. Thus, you need to receive proper advice, so that you know whether you’re eligible or not to make a claim for compensation. 

Remember, any pressure coming from your employer is against the law. It’s very common for people to not claim compensation because of their employer’s insistence. Employers that have the legal liability for injuries sustained in the workplace have no right to prevent employees from making a claim. Law recognizes and protect an employee right, as long as you bring enough evidence and work with a solicitor.

The decision as to make a claim or not completely lies in the injured employee. If injuries are more serious, making an employee incapable of working anymore, making a claim for compensation is vital and sometimes, the only option they have. 



It’s usually easy to find a personal injury lawyer, experienced enough to help you make a valid claim. If you have suffered a work-related accident, make sure your questions are answered. Get some free, friendly advice from an experienced solicitor and see if you are eligible to make a claim. 


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