14. Cashflows

Company: Cashflows

CEO: Hannah Fitzsimons

Website: https://www.cashflows.com/



About Cashflows


Started in 2010, Cashflows is a PSP and merchant acquirer committed to making it easy for businesses to accept payments. Through its own acquiring platform and gateway, Cashflows provides a safe, secure ecosystem for processing payments across Europe.

Cashflows is not a one-size-fits-all payments processor. It’s a new breed of fintech payments fuelled by its willingness to adapt to customer needs. Cashflows understands its partners’ need for diverse payments capabilities that evolve with technology advancements and offers a suite of evolving solutions that improve the customer experience.

For example, knowing that 82% of businesses reported failure due to poor cash flow, the company created Anytime Settlement in 2021. It enables merchants to choose when, and at what frequency, they receive funds following the receipt of payments. The system – which gives businesses access to funds just hours after a transaction (compared to the three-day industry average) – alleviates stress and increases revenue, with one customer reporting a 54% increase in month-on-month card revenue one month after launching.

Cashflows also invests in its partners, giving them the ability to understand and navigate their customers’ payments seamlessly through the partner dashboard. That’s where its in-house product development comes into play. From services such as the customer dashboard, where merchants can access all transaction data, to products such as embedded frames, enabling the embedding of secured hosted payment fields into checkout pages, Cashflows continues to diversify its offering.

Through Cashflows’ continued innovation and unrivalled customer commitment, 2022 was another year of rapid growth. By supporting its customers with increasing transaction volumes, in 2022, Cashflows’ acquiring volume grew 18.4% and its ATM value increased 93.4% on 2021.

In March 2023, Cashflows launched AI-powered Fast Onboarding. The service uses AI to reduce the time it takes for a merchant to be onboarded, whether directly or via a partner. Based on research that showed merchants wanted a faster, more transparent onboarding process, a new service was created that so far, enables over 80% of applications to be processed within one business day (compared to the five-to-seven day industry average), driving fast, consistent decisions on applications.

Already benefitting customers, Cashflows partner Acquired.com has reduced its onboarding time from around eight days in Q1 2023 to under 48-hours in Q2 2023, with a 93% approval rate. In addition, using Fast Onboarding, partner Ocean Pay achieved a time to decision of under two hours, commenting “Cashflows have done a great job at supporting us throughout the implementation of Fast Onboarding. We’re so pleased to be able to reduce the time to decision for our customers and be able to provide them with a better service while also making it easier for our team to complete applications quickly. We couldn’t ask for a better partner!”

The rapid growth has supercharged Cashflows customer relationships, helping the fintech to achieve an excellent rating on Trustpilot, powered by two years of broadly five star reviews.

Cashflows remains committed to developing its technology, with new, market leading product developments and capabilities on the horizon.