14. MyEdSpace

Company: MyEdSpace

Founders: Co-Founders Sean Hirons and Kharis Yanakidis

Website: https://myedspace.co.uk/




About MyEdSpace


MyEdSpace is one of the UK’s fastest growing online learning platforms, on a mission to make world-class education accessible to all.

Co-founders Sean Hirons and Kharis Yanakidis are reimagining education into what it should have always been. They believe the best teachers in the country should teach the whole country. Their tech-driven platform allows them to deliver this in a 1:many model, at scale, allowing thousands of students to access exceptional educators at prices 10x cheaper than traditional 1:1 tutoring.

MyEdSpace offers courses from world-class teachers, following the UK curriculum, for ages 9-18 in Maths, English and the Sciences, with their courses working out to be ~£5 / hour.

Teachers are chosen out of hundreds of applicants and then developed into educational influencers, providing live, interactive online courses. MyEdSpace’s select handful of teachers are becoming social media superstars, amassing +2.5 million followers across their social channels, +245 million views and multiple pieces of educational content going globally viral, with one video garnering 20 million views alone.

Since 2022 the platform has attracted over 6,000 users and grown more than 5x year on year. More than 2,500 students are currently using MyEdSpace for online teaching. In the Easter holidays this year, over 2,000 GCSE and A-level students attended revision classes in Maths, English and Science.

Engagement levels in MyEdSpace’s virtual classrooms are high, with the average student sending 20 messages per session. Louis Provis, Head of English at MyEdSpace, shared: “The children are much more engaged in the sessions online than I ever experienced in the classroom face-to-face. They feel less exposed. They can comment, question things and not feel embarrassed or judged like they may do in a classroom.” And it works; 82% of children using the platform are achieving their desired grades or even higher.

Co-founder Sean Hirons explains the company’s mission: “Every child deserves the opportunity to excel, however the current education system has many gaps and these have been exacerbated by the pandemic, to the point at which millions of children are now struggling and disengaged in school.

“Their parents are unsure of how to help children catch up. Most of them can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on personal tutors for their children across the key subjects. We wanted to find a better, more realistic solution – 1:many online teaching that is both more affordable and more engaging than traditional learning approaches.”

Co-founder Kharis Yanakidis, adds: “We didn’t want to create just another online learning resource. The education system’s shortcomings demand much more radical thinking. We’ve chosen to aim higher and deliver a revolutionary new approach to online learning. We’ve built a platform which doesn’t compromise on the quality of education and talks to children through content and language that they relate to – modelled on the world of online streaming that millions of children enjoy and engage with every day – underpinned by great technology and superstar teachers.”





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