17. Censornet

Company: Censornet

Founder: Ed Macnair

Website: https://www.censornet.com/



About Censornet


Censornet’s integrated platform replaces multiple individual point products, reducing both operational complexity and improving overall risk posture for SMEs – delivering rapid time to value and a worthy TCO investment. The platform offers 24/7 autonomous protection, allowing business owners to operate with confidence, knowing that their most important digital resources are safe and protected.

From an architecture perspective, the platform has been designed from the ground up for MSPs and end-users alike, making technically complex features a breeze to deploy (in minutes) and manage such that the clients get the protection experienced by their larger Enterprise peers but without the cost and operational burden.

Censornet’s unique ‘DirectProtect’ technology removes the need for costly distributed hardware appliances to proxy traffic as the policy enforcement is carried out on the user device itself (including SSL decryption for HTTP traffic). This has the added benefit of a seamless user experience as the removal of proxies doesn’t add any latency to the browsing sessions.

Building on top of this architecture, and with that ethos of not compromising usability for the sake of security, the Censornet Action Risk Methodology (ARM) was born. As most organisations have adopted cloud-based SaaS applications additional control is required to minimise the risk of data breach or accidental insider threat. ARM uses machine learning to classify and profile thousands of common cloud apps and the individual actions and activities that the user could perform within these. This level of granularity means that highly targeted restrictions can be put in place without introducing user friction. For example, instead of blocking access to Dropbox, you may wish to simply restrict the file upload capability such that users can still download content without having to find a workaround, whilst maintaining a strong security posture.

These applications, along with Email Security, have recently been enhanced with an advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability. With a simple drag-and-drop of a new tile within the visual rule builder, the risk of data breaches can be even further mitigated by scanning the contents of emails or files within those cloud-based apps for sensitive PII, company secrets, or customer data that would otherwise cause significant financial and reputational damage if they were to end up in the wrong hands.

Whilst individual modules within a single platform are highly beneficial and compete head-to-head with the best-of-breed point solutions, what glues these together to deliver exponential value is the concept of automation and orchestration. Censornet’s Automated Security Engine (ASE) acts as the conductor between the attack channels – sharing data, intelligence, user behaviour and telemetry 24×7, taking remediating action in real-time further reducing the burden on the security team.

The combination of enterprise-grade technology covering the entire attack surface, a single-pane-of-glass-interface, interactive reports, forensic analytics, and integrated automation delivered at a commercially compelling price demonstrates that all businesses no matter their size can have access to the latest security technologies without the worry of complexity, enabling them to focus on what they do best – innovating and driving the economy forward.

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