18. IPG Energy

Martin Rushton-Turner and John Grainger

Company: IPG Energy

CEO: Toby Gill

Founders: Martin Rushton-Turner and John Grainger

Website: https://www.ipg.energy/


IPG Energy


About IPG Energy


IPG Energy is accelerating the transition to renewable fuels for onsite power in construction, with its clean, fuel-agnostic generator.

Using patented Flameless Combustion technology, our award-winning product, the IPG Flameless Generator, solves the cost and availability challenges to using 100% renewable fuels at scale by delivering pollutant-free power from any fuel, at a competitive cost.

This unlocks up to 65% carbon savings and eliminates harmful pollution for no increase in total running costs, when operating on diesel, and offers the flexibility to blend increasing amounts of any renewable fuel into the fuel mix to deliver the most cost-effective route to reducing Scope 1 emissions even further across a business.

Since the start of our journey in 2016, we’ve cemented ourself within the construction industry, where the IPG Flameless Generator is highly anticipated as a solution for replacing harmful diesel generators at scale:

• We’ve closed a successful £1 million innovation project with National Highways;

• We were selected by VINCI’s innovation arm, Leonard, as one of 11 companies to introduce and demonstrate our solution across the Group through its CATALYST accelerator programme;

• We’ve been recognised by 7 industry awards including being named a Top 50 ConTech Startup of 2024 by CEMEX Ventures;

• And we have a strong pipeline of customers lining up to pilot our flagship product later this year.

Looking forward, we’re working with the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering through the Clean Futures Accelerator to build a manufacturing blueprint of our product.

This will support low-cost, scalable production to help us deliver on growing demand, not only in construction, but future markets too – whether that’s shoreside power in maritime, enabling off-grid EV charging, or unlocking renewable microgrids.

Putting us on track to become the go-to replacement to the diesel generator before the end of the decade.



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