19. CovertSwarm

Company: CovertSwarm

Founder: Anders Reeves

Website: https://www.covertswarm.com/

About CovertSwarm


CovertSwarm is a global ethical hacker and red team cyber security solution provider that has been radically redefining how enterprise security risks are discovered.

Since 2020, the business has existed to continually outpace the cyber threats faced by organisations in the modern world. As a result of its rapid growth, CovertSwarm recently became the youngest company to join Beech Tree Private Equity’s investment portfolio, having been trading for just over two years.

The business’ mission is simple: to constantly compromise businesses and highlight weaknesses well before the ‘bad actors’ do by using every possible weapon in the hacker’s arsenal and taking penetration testing right to the edge of simulating real-world threats.

One of the most innovative ways it is doing so is through the global rollout of its Offensive Operations Centre (OOC) – for free.

The OOC is a centralised and unified SaaS portal that seamlessly manages every aspect of an organisation’s offensive security programme, with both free and premium-level insights. It is designed to bridge the gap between Attack Surface Management products, SaaS-identified vulnerabilities, and the ability to validate and explore risks via CovertSwarm’s in-house red team.

With just a simple ‘one click’ submission, businesses can request CovertSwarm ethical hacker testing and targeted red team attacks, streamlining the cyber risk lifecycle and enhancing security measures.

As of today (30 August), CovertSwarm’s Offensive Operations Centre supports 100+ global enterprises. Since the global rollout of the initiative on 24 July, the company’s client base has increased by 50%, with 38 new businesses subscribing to the services in the first week of launch. With the support of Beech Tree Private Equity’s investment, CovertSwarm is building towards the OOC being representative of 20% of the business’ income by December 2026.

In the three years the business has been in operation, it has also launched its own Academy Programme which has been built to provide a clear pathway for individuals from any background to pursue a career in cybersecurity. The programme offers specialised training in core areas, equipping participants with the technical skills and mindset needed to become ethical hackers.

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