22. Jscrambler

Company: Jscrambler

CEO and Co-founder: Rui Ribeiro

Website: https://jscrambler.com/


About Jscrambler

13 years ago, one of the most overlooked security problems in the industry was that of client-side applications and its exposure and high vulnerability to being compromised. Fast forward to 2023, Jscrambler has not just built a solution to counter this issue, it’s framed its whole company around it.

The journey began when Jscrambler embarked on its mission to solve a crucial problem—the vulnerabilities posed by third-party scripts on websites.

Its ingenious solution, named Webpage Integrity (WPI), equips companies with an array of functionalities to safeguard against sensitive data leaks and undesired modifications.

The current economic climate shows that instability leads to an environment where cybercrime and cybercriminals are more active. At its core, Jscrambler aims to counteract these threats posed by malicious actors originating from third-party JavaScript.

This protection occurs in real-time, across any potential vector, without needing local installations or end-user involvement. This unique approach to security protects every application component, from first party code to analysing how each component behaves at runtime.

This gives companies the full visibility and control of their applications that is needed in a time of increasing interconnectivity.

Jscrambler’s expertise doesn’t end with WPI; it also extends to complete visibility and control over all JavaScript elements to ensure data protection and an optimal user experience. Webpage Integrity forms a barrier against real-time malicious activities on the client side of web applications.

Its defence mechanisms incorporate stopping sensitive data leaks and preventing web supply chain attacks like Magecart, which discreetly extract payment card information from e-commerce, retail, and hospitality sites.

During the second quarter of 2022, Jscrambler’s product thwarted an astounding 49.8 million data access attempts over 3 months and its WPI effectively blocked over/about 337,000 thousand hijacking sessions during the same quarter, all while offering the client a clear understanding of the attack origins.

In an era where third-party software vulnerabilities contribute to 13% of initial attack vectors for data breaches—costing an average of $4.55 million per breach— Jscrambler’s unveiling and managing these risks is paramount.

A key highlight of Jscrambler’s offering is its compliance with 2 of the new requirements of the latest version of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With the mandatory rollout of PCI DSS version 4.0 in 2025, Jscrambler is taking proactive steps by launching a free tool to help businesses align their JavaScript code with the updates.

Jscrambler’s unique and comprehensive approach has earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies and major players in finance, e-commerce, media, and software development. Gartner’s recognition of Jscrambler in the Market Guide for In-App Protection, Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection, and Hype Cycle for Application Security underlines its impact.

Jscrambler is the defining force of excellence in client-side web security, offering unparalleled protection, full visibility, and meticulous control.

Through consistently delivering innovative solutions that tackle the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, Jscrambler stands as a beacon of specialist expertise in the realm of cybersecurity.