25. 10x Banking

Company: 10x Banking

Founder: Antony Jenkins

Website: https://www.10xbanking.com



About 10x Banking


10x Banking is a rapidly growing fintech with proven technology powering the transformation of the world’s biggest banks. Its mission is to make banking ten times better for customers, banks, and society.

Founder Antony Jenkins, drawing from his extensive career in the banking sector which included three years as CEO at Barclays, recognised that banking could be a tedious, intimidating and expensive experience for most people, despite being a huge part of their lives. Antony saw it as imperative for banks to make customers’ lives easier if they want to compete in a rapidly evolving fintech landscape which includes fast-moving challengers threatening market incumbents.

Traditional banks have struggled to keep pace with consumer demand, which requires transformation as opposed to innovation. They remain product-centric in their approach, focusing on their own offerings rather than prioritising the needs of customers. 10x advocates a customer-centric approach to every bank it works with and advises.

Central to this mission lies 10x SuperCore – an advanced cloud-native SaaS platform. This platform grants banks the ability to seamlessly integrate and harness its capabilities, empowering them to construct cutting-edge banking solutions that lead the market. With its adaptable product model, 10x SuperCore equips banks with the tools to streamline operations, drive down costs, and seamlessly adapt to the dynamic landscape of customer trends, market conditions, and regulatory requirements.

10x SuperCore has allowed banks to gain enterprise-grade resilience, endless scalability, and 24×7 SecOps support as standard. Real-time data and a comprehensive single view of customers have enabled banks to test and launch hyper-personalised experiences quickly. By making changes through clicks rather than complex coding, banks can efficiently test multiple changes on precisely defined customer segments, all in a fraction of the time it used to take.

This has allowed banks to experience a profound reduction in their total cost of ownership. With a newfound agility and efficiency, banks can deliver superior customer experiences to transform themselves into the institutions that their customers truly adore.

The results achieved by 10x thus far have been impressive; its technology has been embraced by some of the world’s largest banks, replacing outdated legacy systems and enabling the provision of fully digital propositions that were previously unnecessarily complex.

10x has been instrumental in some of the banking sector’s most significant technological successes.

Take Chase UK as an example. Using 10x’s core banking platform, Chase has been able to onboard more than 1.6 million customers in the 20 months since its launch in September 2021. Chase’s product and service offer has been extremely well received throughout the U.K. and is processing millions of transactions per day with customers highly engaged with the digital bank’s product offer. Chase has received several awards, including Best British Bank and Best Current Account.

10x continues to drive a seismic shift in banking through its provision of simplified, scalable, and regulatory-compliant solutions, propelling banks into the digital era with unwavering momentum. By empowering banks to offer enhanced experiences and unlock accelerated growth, 10x’s impact extends far beyond the realm of financial institutions—it transforms the lives of individuals themselves.