26. Aura

Company: Aura

Founder: Greg Lawson

Website: https://aura-consultants.com/


About Aura


Aura is a packaging sustainability consultancy, committed to making a measurable difference – everyday. We combine consultancy, strategy, and technology to deliver best-in-class, sustainable packaging solutions.

Launched in November 2022, Aura’s rapidly expanding team of packaging, sustainability, technology and retail experts champion the use of real-time data and knowledge that gives clients actionable reference points to drive positive change.

Aura’s founding clients include the world’s biggest e-tailer, Amazon, and the world’s biggest retailer, Walmart, who previously struggled to keep up with the ever-changing legislation across different markets and states.


Challenges to overcome


Packaging data is typically collated by packaging compliance organisations that work once a year to create an annual packaging ‘tax return’ and data for the sustainability report. In short, the process is reactive and the data (largely based on category averages) is inaccurate.


Our innovation


Our unrivalled and proprietary technology solution, e-halo, powers Aura’s solutions with real-time transparent structural packaging and sustainability data to help clients optimise packaging, manage compliance, and tax liabilities, and reduce environmental impact.

We designed e-halo to manage sustainability every day, so the ‘right and responsible’ solutions for our planet make it through our supply chain to the consumer and thereafter our waste streams.

The platform is designed to be a specifically ‘packaging’ and not ‘product’ system, which allows mass initiatives to eradicate poor substrates and ensures format choice can be analysed, changed compliantly, implemented and the benefits tracked. This enables large brand owners and retailers to drive positive change with significant and justifiable outcomes with modest technical resource.

We deliver a robust strategy compliant with our client’s sustainability goals, aligned to current and future legislation. We ensure our clients can futureproof ahead of upcoming developments in policy and practice, such as EPR in the UK. Aura’s technology also offers horizon scanning services across 54 countries to advise on emerging regional and global trends that feed into companies’ longer-term strategy.


Our impact


The world today has a heightened focus on packaging, so we need to take responsibility for the waste we create to reduce pollution and promote a circular economy to leave behind a sustainable legacy for future generations. Walmart has described e-halo as a key tool to support their voluntary goals of reducing one Gigaton of CO2 emissions from global value chains by 2030 and near term address their packaging priorities for 2025 to be 100% recyclable, reusable or industrially compostable by 2025.

Aura’s comprehensive real-time reporting facilitates the possibility to track performance against sustainability commitments. As a result, we make a measurable difference every day by focussing on 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging to support the development of the green economy.

In summary, Aura creates the opportunity to get packaging right first time through live reporting and analytics. The e-halo system assists with managing sustainability every day and provides the control and measurement required to ensure the right packaging materials make it through our waste streams enabling clients to pre-cycle and recycle.

We are determined to transform the global approach to sustainable packaging. Pioneering global change for the benefit of the planet.



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