3. OnLadder

Company: OnLadder

Founders: Cameron Orcutt & Sam Hatley

Website: https://onladder.co.uk/


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About OnLadder


OnLadder is an innovative fintech lender that will provide fair and flexible deposit loans to shorten the path to homeownership so that eligible first-time buyers can start building their financial futures.

The core concept behind OnLadder centres around empowering first-time buyers to overcome the hurdle of high deposit requirements, which often delays their entry into the housing market. By topping up the deposit, OnLadder provides buyers with the financial boost they need to bridge the affordability gap and unlock their path to homeownership, saving them years of rental payments.

Founded during the first lockdown in 2020 by Cameron Orcutt and Sam Hatley, both passionate first-time homebuyers, OnLadder aims to help individuals realise their dreams of homeownership faster by supplementing their deposit and enhancing their purchasing power.

Since its inception, OnLadder has made remarkable progress in bringing their vision to life. Through strategic partnerships with key industry players, they have laid the groundwork for a seamless and efficient lending platform that will provide first time homebuyers with the financing they need at the right point in the homebuying process.

With interest rates rising and the amount first time buyers can borrow declining, the OnLadder Loan has never been more needed in the market, and to ensure the highest level of consumer protection and regulatory compliance, OnLadder is currently in the process of obtaining authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). By adhering to rigorous standards and regulations, they aim to provide a secure and transparent lending experience for their customers.

They are targeting Q1 2024 to launch their first product.