31. CMC Invest UK

Company: CMC Invest UK

Founders: Lord Cruddas of Shoreditch and Albert Soleiman

Website: https://www.cmcinvest.com/en-gb/



About CMC Invest UK


Launched in September last year, CMC Invest is a UK investment platform built from the ground up and developed with the customer at its core of our delivery. Investing can be complicated, and the experience often feels disconnected from why and what people are investing for.

For too long investors have also seen large chunks of their savings and hard-earned cash disappear in excessive commissions and transaction fees. It’s unfair to those who have worked so hard for their money, wanting to invest for their future, their families and build financial security.

CMC Invest wants to change this, offering transparency in everything we do – transparency in our business model, costs & fees, and product offering.

Since the launch, CMC Invest has delivered numerous new features such as transparent subscription plans, Flexible Stocks & Shares ISAs, a seamless digital transfer process with greater visibility into the status of your transfer, ESG ratings and preferences setting, access to analyst ratings with insightful ‘Bull Says vs Bear Says’ commentary and price targets powered by Morningstar, and more. From customer feedback and suggestions, we have also increased our asset universe from 1,100+ shares to almost 4,000 US & UK stocks, ETFs, and Investment Trusts.

It doesn’t stop there. CMC is continuously working on feature launches, and later this year, customers will be able to invest in mutual funds and consolidate and transfer over their personal pensions (SIPPs).

Unlike other platforms, CMC Invest is a technology platform built internally from beginning to end, leveraging scalable cloud-based technology that enables the team to be flexible and fast-moving on app development. CMC Invest is able to react to customer feedback in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

By offering this wide range of features tailored to the customer needs, CMC Invest empowers investors with flexibility to make the choices that suit their own investment journey. Customers can choose how they want to invest, what parameters they want to set around their investments and what information they would like to access before making a decision.

CMC Invest sets itself apart from competitors through this customer-centric flexible approach, recognising our unique opportunity as a new platform with the global experience and trusted heritage of being a part of CMC Group, established in 1989.