33. Defexa

Company: Defexa

Founder: Intars Veberis

Website: https://defexa.io/wallet/



About Defexa


We are deeply focused on WEB3 adoption in the world of traditional finance. Bridging the gap between banks and digital currencies and enabling our users to acquire, store and spend crypto.

Access to a wide range of crypto coins, high liquidity, advanced services and other tools making it easy for everyone to use cryptocurrencies in an efficient and profitable manner.

Our primary target market will be tech-savvy individuals and businesses who are interested in managing their digital assets in a secure and efficient manner. We will also target crypto enthusiasts who are looking for a wallet that offers advanced features and services.

Defexa non-custodial Wallet provides a highly secure banking level and user-friendly design that allows users to manage and exchange their digital assets with ease.

We focus on providing a seamless experience for users who want to interact with the crypto ecosystem and ensure that their assets are kept safe.