34. Vixen Labs, now part of House 337

Company: Vixen Labs, now part of House 337

Co-Founders: James Poulter, Jen Heape

Website: https://vixenlabs.co/



About Vixen Labs, now part of House 337


Europe’s leading strategy consultancy and app development studio for voice assistants and conversational AI.

Founded in 2018, Vixen Labs is one of the world’s leading full-service Conversational AI agencies, working with Fortune and FTSE 500 brands to develop Conversational AI strategies, products, and services. Our reach is truly global, with our team based in the UK, US, and Germany.

As part of House 337, Vixen Labs helps clients revolutionise their connection with customers while delivering real business value, using conversational AI. It creates ground breaking solutions for the world’s biggest brands and has a full-service offering that covers strategy, custom solutions, app integration education and consultancy.

Vixen Labs’ vision is to bring about a simpler, healthier, more human way of connecting with technology, working by four core values – Candour, Passion, Patience and Humility. The consultancy brings together expertise in digital marketing, audio technology, UX design, creative and development to the voice industry. The consultancy is the proud winner of the Digital Impact Gold Award 2023 for best use of audio.

Vixen Labs’ AI Consumer Index helps everyone make sense of what people want and need from AI today. The original research, created in partnership with Delineate, tracks the rapid adoption of AI and the shift that brought AI voice assistants into the mainstream. The report shares a deep understanding of conversational AI, awareness and use, user retention and frequency, attitudes to voice applications and insights into the future. The research created by the organisation is free, easily accessible and for each paper a full campaign is designed to share the information as far and wide as possible across the industry so that it can be of help to others.

Vixen Labs helps brand connect, serve and sell through conversation. Working with Amazon’s Alexa, it has allowed people in the US to decorate daily features like alarms, timers and weather responses with their interests so that they can connect with a more personal and exciting interface. By managing to decorate without distraction, the customisation supports user engagement with customisation that doesn’t get in the way of speed and convenience. Themes included Avatar: The Way of Water, a collaboration with Disney, turned around in record time to meet the movie’s release date.

Across Europe, Vixen is the leading consultancy working with Amazon and partnering with global brands on AI voice work for Alexa. Clients include McDonalds, Lysol, Amazon Audio Ads, Sony Music, Finish and many more.

As part of House 337, Vixen Labs was also one of the first organisations to publish their AI ethical guidelines. As the technology builds pace with new changes every day and legislation slow to catch up, Vixen Labs feels it is important to outline ethical processes in terms of safety, security, transparency, trust, bias, and respect for human creativity in all the work that it does. The guidelines have been publicly promoted and Vixen Labs encourages other businesses in the field of AI, whether it is voice or another part of the sector, to think hard about the kind of organisation they are in terms of ethical practice.



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