35. Connectus Group Limited

Company: Connectus Group Limited

CEO: Roy Shelton

Website: https://connectus.org.uk/

About Connectus Group Limited

Transform your business with technology.

Connectus are a leading Business Managed Services partner, providing organisations with critical infrastructure alongside a range of fully managed solutions to help businesses stay connected, protected and to collaborate effectively, therefore enabling them to profitably scale whilst also mitigating cost, complexity and risk.

Connectus was formed over 20yrs ago and has been initially boot strapped by our founders.4yrs when Roy Shelton led a management buy in with a £300k investment we also raised £450k in a term loan which is now fully repaid in favour of a £400k revolving credit facility. We have created 17 new FT roles in the past 3yrs and now support close to 500 business customers across the UK with their digital transformation journey. Revenues have grown from less than £500k and loss marking in 2018 to now over £10m and an EBITDA of +£750k

We work closely with our clients to understand their business challenges, direction, and corporate strategy. We then enable their IT estate to support their growth, direction, and productivity in a cost-effective, efficient, secure, and proactive manner.

We are proud of our highly skilled UK-based team who are often treated as an extension to that of our clients. When blended with our client success planning approach we ensure that we maintain a close and valuable partnership with all of our clients.

We are now focussed on maximise the value we create for our customers and shareholders with a sales target of £20m p.a within side 3yrs and an EBITDA of +£3m.