37. Spendesk

Company: Spendesk

Founder: Rodolphe Ardant

Website: https://www.spendesk.com/en/



About Spendesk


Founded in 2016, Spendesk is the 7-in-1 spend management solution that allows finance teams to make more efficient, smarter decisions. The digital solution incorporates company cards, expenses, invoices, accounting, approvals, budgets, and spending reports as one simplified stack, and is trusted by thousands of SMEs, from start-ups to established brands.

Our spend management and analysis software simplifies the work of financial professionals. Spendesk provides businesses with a greater understanding of cash flow, how expenses are distributed, and where efficiencies can be introduced.

Our machine learning models can speed through number crunching and interpret insights with accuracy from vast volumes of data, leaving financial teams free to execute pressing business needs, rather than being bogged down by tedious manual tasks.

We’ve attracted attention for our positive company culture and strong, sustainable growth.

From day one, we’ve established our people-centric culture in consultation with the Spendesk team. The company was built on a firm cultural foundation based on clear beliefs and core values:

Ownership: Our decisions are made autonomously, and we own the outcomes, while proactively seeking out opportunities to grow.

Daring: We dare to dream big and bold, pushing beyond expectations and not being afraid of failure.

Caring: We work with, and for, others to build a company that puts people first. We care about trust, and we work hard to earn it from colleagues, customers, and partners.

Positivity: By choosing to embrace change, we know we can meet any challenge with a positive mindset. We see ourselves as pioneers and challenge the status quo with optimism.

Widespread interest from investors keen to capitalise on the potential of SaaS Fintech providers in today’s digital economy has led to Spendesk’s revenue doubling year-on-year.

Since 2016, we have managed over €10 billion worth of spend for our clients. As per our latest funding round, Spendesk is valued at over €1 billion.

From inception, our mission has been to use technology to democratise data’s power, and we are delivering on this goal at the precise moment the business world needs it most. At a time when companies are cutting non-essentials, Spendesk sees no significant customer churn and keeps doubling revenue with software subscriptions every year, demonstrating how important our solutions have become to our clients.

Spendesk will continue its expansion across Spain and Italy by employing around 100 staff in each country by 2026, in addition to new hires that will support the expansion programme, who will be based at Spendesk’s Paris headquarters. We’ll also build on our existing presence in the UK, France, and Germany, as part of our strategic plan to become the spend management market leader across Europe.

Spendesk’s long-term goals are to revolutionise B2B payments for a more fulfilling future of work for both finance teams and the wider workforce. This empowerment of employees that offers a greater level of freedom and responsibility will, in turn, help businesses optimise their systems and internal processes towards being more agile and responsive.