38. BuildingMinds

Company: BuildingMinds

Founder: Schindler Group (conceptualised by Alfred Schindler); CEO is Marek Sacha

Website: https://www.buildingminds.com



About BuildingMinds


In 2019, Schindler Group created SaaS company BuildingMinds. Today, the BuildingMinds platform offers extensive ESG reporting solutions to help customers achieve compliance with a range of regulations and standards across real estate. BuildingMinds empowers leading organisations including Zurich Insurance, Palmira, and Threestones to achieve their ESG real estate goals, maximise the value of their assets, and drive and protect profitability for investors.

Leveraging AI, the platform optimises decarbonisation strategies and offers extensive ESG reporting solutions for clients, covering various regulations and standards – including SFDR, GRESB and EU Taxonomy – globally. Our mission is to help companies clear regulatory hurdles, de-risk portfolios, and improve net operating income.

Growing rapidly, BuildingMinds now monitors nearly 8 megatons of CO2 emissions. In 2023, BuildingMinds assisted customers in completing their SFDR reports for more than 3,400 assets, EU Taxonomy reports for early 2,000 assets and GRESB reports for over 230 assets.

The platform collects data from 2,280 utility providers and 5,500 unique sources of utility data within buildings across more than 30 geographies. BuildingMinds performs real-time calculations to provide customers with accurate insights into resource management KPIs and operational carbon emissions. This helps companies track their progress towards sustainability goals, such as achieving net-zero emissions.

BuildingMinds provides a scientific basis for practical actions by asset managers. For example, the platform identifies which buildings in which countries are underperforming against a relevant benchmark in terms of energy use or GhG emissions, and then calculates the gap to return to the CRREM pathway year-on-year to meet relevant climate targets. (CRREM is a carbon emission calculator specific to asset type and location showing targets required to meet the Paris climate agreement 1.5 or 2 plans).

Using in-depth models for stranding risk, carbon pricing scenarios, and AI-driven retrofit modelling, BuildingMinds devises clear, personalised paths to reducing an asset owner’s carbon impact. The platform uses a transparent and scientifically rigorous methodology, applying publicly available government and industry data sources for emission calculations, decarbonisation target-setting and benchmarking.

BuildingMinds customers benefit from in-platform benchmark tools that enable measurements against popular emissions factors for over 40 countries and asset types, with the platform’s range of transparent data sources giving a holistic view of total emissions against industry standards.


BuildingMinds’ platform utilises a range of cutting-edge technologies in various ways, including:


AI & Machine Learning: Machine learning powers the platform’s Retrofit Recommender tool, analysing past retrofit projects to identify improvement areas and estimate costs. The model has been trained on 1,000 real retrofit projects, enabling cost-effective sustainability solutions. The tool uses a Random Forest Classification algorithm for accurate recommendations based on model estimates.

3D BIM Technology: BuildingMinds employs 3D BIM technology to create Digital Building Twins – virtual replicas of physical assets. This interactive technology enables easy navigation and spatial understanding, and supports Workspace Management Functionalities.

Document Extraction: Advanced AI capabilities streamline the extraction of important data from energy certificates and utility bills, facilitating accurate sustainability KPI calculations.




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