41. Shieldpay

Company: Shieldpay

Founder: Peter Janes

Website: https://www.shieldpay.com/



About Shieldpay


Shieldpay is a pioneering payments provider solving complex transactions that have transformed the landscape of B2B payments.- saving millions in administration costs and preventing financial crime from taking place through their advanced technology and robust regulatory framework. Founded in 2016 by Peter Janes, Shieldpay has filled a critical gap, empowering businesses and key transactional stakeholders to manage high-value payments confidently, efficiently, and securely.

Shieldpay has built a cloud-based payments platform made up of three core capabilities: verify, hold and disburse. Combining these functions, Shieldpay offers a faster and more secure way to send and receive high-value complex payments.

As the business continues to grow and expand, its commitment remains unwavering: to redefine excellence and reliability in high-value, time-sensitive payments, empowering businesses worldwide to complete their deals with certainty It focuses on transactions with a contingent element, spanning diverse sectors such as M&A, class action lawsuits, real estate, capital markets and supply chain operations.

Shieldpay’s innovative platform has liberated legal and professional services entities from managing their own manual payment systems, eliminating archaic and inefficient processes that resulted in lost revenue, high administration costs, and increased vulnerability to financial and cybercrime. Since its inception, Shieldpay has delivered outstanding results, processing over $6.5bn in transactions to date.